Aug 26, 2012

Killbear Provincial Park.

Over 40 yrs ago (yes, I was very young ;)) camping in Killbear Provincial Park became a yearly ritual. All four of our children were taken there as babes in arms. They thrived there, learned so much there and have camping in their bones.
Behind the campsite where the bears travel.
We eventually found a campsite that suited us perfectly ... #1020 in Granite Saddle ... our 'home away from home'. But as the reservation system started to change and it become more difficult to get that site anymore we started to 'take our chances' ... and we were still lucky to be camping in the Granite Saddle Campground, a different site each year but it didn't matter. 
Lots of friends made there, some that we saw year after year. Thousands of photographs and memories of long, hot days on the beach ... of long hikes and longer swims (from inlet to inlet) ... of lots of Canadian wild life ... and tons of resource material for numerous threadpaintings / drawings based on our holidays, to show for it. 
Last year hubby and I up-graded to a small, hard-walled trailer from a tent trailer that we had bought in 1974 and this year, for the first time, we will be hooked up to electricity ! 

With 2 of my granddaughters last year ... not hooked up to electricity
The kids are all grown up now with kids of their own and for a few years we occupied several sites near one another ... 3 generations enjoying the great outdoors at the end of the summer. Now schedules don't always align themselves so that we can all camp together and the growing prevalence of the black bears in the park have my children seeking safer campgrounds in southern Ontario for their children. 
This year hubby has no holidays, but will set up the trailer there and I will be camping alone for 3 weeks ! 
Am I just a little apprehensive ? 
Yes, but after a few 'hairy' nights I will be used to the night noises and I will be fine. There are lots seniors camping at this time ... after all the families have gone back home and the kids have gone back to school.

I will have a good book to read, paper, pens and inspiration ! ... and, my sewing machine !!!!   I am psyched !

This next week I will be a busy one for me ... gathering, packing, attending a meeting, preparing Field Corn II for delivery, etc., etc., and I can't guarantee I'll have time to blog before I go.

So, this is where I will be until the 25th of September. 
Hopefully I will have new work to show ... whether sewn or drawn ... and some good bear stories to share when I get back !
Happy 'End Of The Summer' to you all !

'Look up ... way up' ... among the maple, beech, oak, hemlock, cedar and pine 


  1. Well, I hope you have a safe time. I will be in B.C. for the same length of time. We did the same with our children but we never went to the same site. We liked to try out the different campgrounds. The only criteria was that there should be a playgound for the youngest one and hiking trails for the eldest. It was the eldest that did the research. Fun times. Tents. Campfires. I didn't cook so all was well. I hated it when we had to reserve. I liked the sponteniety of going anywhere we wanted and checking it out.

  2. Thanks for commenting Delores.
    We stayed at Killbear because it was a 4 hr. trip and with kids (including a few breaks), it was the most we could ask of them ... and they liked the familiarity.
    Have a wonderful trip to BC.
    Been there once - Vancouver, then a spectacular trip through the Rockies (which forever left me with the knowledge of just how insignificant we humans are on this planet) ... on to Calgary and home.
    Beautiful, beautiful scenery there.

  3. What a lovely creativity retreat :) The name of the park is rather unfortunate though!

  4. I am looking forward to it, arlee and hoping creativity is in abundance.
    It is an unfortunate name but the park is on a peninsula where the native Ojibway would herd bear to the point and, although they can swim, they would hesitate long enough that the hunters were successful.