Aug 12, 2012

My, How She's Grown

Heck, I don't know one from the other, but back in the spring I watched a Mallard hen & her chicks paddle about in the harbour of Port Elgin, ON.
Port Elgin is a resort on Ontario's wet coast ... on Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes ... and I was visiting my sister .
This time, 2 months later, Mama Mallard was resting on a rock while her brood hunted and this little lady was all for utilizing the tricks her mama taught her.
excuse me ... I saw a grub

a lovely set of cattails with boat reflections in the water
... thinking of a thread painting !!

It was a glorious evening when I headed home
The sun was creating some nice long shadows.
The barn isn't being used any more as seems to 

be the case so often now.

Hay bales for as far as the eye can see.
On this road alone I found the old hay stooks (Mennonites farm in this area), the old, small rectangular bales, these large, modern round bales and the newer very large rectangular bales !
I wish I had taken photos of all the types but I often find the best photo ops while driving at top speed and by the time I've stopped I have to back up on the highway too far ... sigh.

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