Aug 31, 2012

Slowly But Surely

Just a quick photo as I clean up email before my trip ... the other 'birk' is done as well.


  1. Very cool! I just had a look at your work and wish you lived closer so we could get together for our chats. I also wish I could hold your works in my hands to get a feel of each piece. Beautiful.
    Have a marvellous time away. Another chat?

  2. It would be wonderful if we lived closer together ! But we can keep up a good chat anyway.
    One of the things I love best about these threadpaintings is feeling how they start to soften up after loads of stitching and change from stiff bundles of fabric to pliable tapestries (for lack of a better word).
    Thanks for the comments and we'll talk again after I have totally veg'd out on reading, drawing, stitching and nature.