Sep 25, 2012

Well Rested And Rejuvinated !

I have just had the best 3-week holiday !
I started to read George R.R.Martin's 4th book in the Game Of Thrones series and am half way done, I sewed, I read 3 other small novels, I hand-stitched (not often attempted by me !), I sun-bathed in the warm September sun, I wandered the park in my truck looking for photo opp's, I took afternoon siestas, I took advantage of the parks Interpretive Centre 's resource books on trees and critters and, most importantly, I came home with the creative juices flowing !
Heading north at 6:30 am Sept. 3rd on a warm, misty morning passing our local man-made Guelph Lake

The welcoming committee - usually 2 does and their fawns, on any given day

Killbear Provincial Park north of Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
Harold Point Beach, Parry Sound (the bay) on Georgian Bay (sometimes called the 6th Great lake) 

...  you had to walk quite a ways out before you got into water that was above your knees  - but the water level in the Great lakes has gone way down and looks even worse here because it has always been shallow ... great for kids tho' and the sand under the water is so nice ... now the dune grasses are starting to grab hold here.

The point between Harold Point's 2 beaches -I was lying on my zero gravity chair when I took this and it is a little unlevel

The view across the roadway from my trailer - the deer would come here in the early morning/evenings

I will post other photos tomorrow.