Sep 30, 2012

Progress Photos

Wow, a week has gone by already ! 
I think I have settled into the routine at house and home. 
As promised, progress photos from my studio in Killbear. 

'Studio Away From Home', my 21' Prism trailer, a queen-size bed in front, 2 bunks, a closet and a toilet in the back.
There is plenty of table room, fridge, micro-wave, stove and 2 sinks, with lots of room for the supplies and books I brought with me ! Maybe I should hang a sign on the door !

'Race You To The Water' 
debating whether to attach a seagull feather once this has been stretched also needs a bit more defining, stitched lines on the sand

"Autumn's Coming" ~ mostly hand-stitched which is something I don't do often ~ will attach to the potassium permanganate dyed canvas behind it.

"Autumn's Coming" ~ detail 

"3 Birches" ~ machine embroidered silk, canvas and wool (all dyed with potassium permanganate)

"3 Birches" ~ detail

"3 Birches" ~ Leaves sewn and leaf strands couched

New work as yet untitled but inspired by Group Of Seven artist, Lawren Harris ~ stitched on water-soluble

Laying the ground work on a piece of water-soluble sent to me by Nell from BC.
... and a small ink drawing, 'Shattered Bouquet'

As well as getting started on these pieces, being away from the hustle and bustle of my home (daughter, her hubby, 2 teenage girls & 6yr. old boy, and my own hubby) allowed my brain to work on other ideas and to work out methods. 
"3 Birches" is done using a slightly different technique that I am very excited about and I was very pleased to have been able to incorporate some strands of leaves that were worked on water-soluble and that I have been saving for years !
The background wool fabric for "Autumn's Coming" that  reminded me of the twigs and branches that you see when looking deep into a bush/forest ~ this was the end piece of the rolled wool where the elastic bands made such an impression.
I also realized how grateful I am that I save all my bits from workshop experiments. I was able to use some of my small stash of dyed fabrics from a workshop taken last year. I love the variety of shades in the different fabrics took on when dyed in the same pot of potassium permanganate ... including the orangey scrap that became leaves in "Autumn's Coming". 
The background fabric for "Autumn's Coming is the end portion, above, of the wool fabric that was used in the 'nature dyeing' that I did this summer ... liking dyeing very much !


  1. Lovely to see the work you did on your Away time--the Away Studio was obviously well utilized. Great to see all of the work and i really like "3 Birches", so delicate and ethereal, trees in the mist almost.

  2. Thank you very much for your lovely comments Arlee !
    The thing that struck me most was how easily the silk strips took a little twist in direction without puckering ... I really haven't worked with silk. The silk was an old blouse.