Oct 24, 2012

I Am So Attuned To The Weather ...

The day was another wet and gloomy one tho' not as much rain as yesterday ... and brightened by the arrival of my grandson at 7:30 am. He is 13 mos. old and a walking, grunting, adventure seeker. 
Studying everything, poking around everywhere, searching for the Cheerio's. 
It's so much more fun now than way back when ... and the days are brighter when the little ones are near.

Anyway ... I have sketched, with ink, a photo that I 'shatterer' on my computer ... and the original photo looked nice in it's shattered colours of turquoise, green and white ... hence my inspiration.
It isn't quite working for me in black and white ... but it is done. Back to the drawing board !


  1. Yes, it is funny how little ones are so much more fun now than when our own were little. My little grandson (who is 18 months old) will be here next week - from BC. He's bringing his mom.

  2. That's wonderful Dolores ... have a great time with him ... and his Mom !
    I don't have gr.kids that live that far away from me ... your time will be even more special ... take lots of photos !