Oct 21, 2012

Melanie's Breast Pocket Project

Earlier this year I went to my local library wanting to find a book about 'journaling'.
I found one by author and artist Melanie Testa.
As I often do, I googled her name to see if I could find out a little bit more about her ... she had a blog ... a wonderful person and wonderful reading !
It was here; melanietesta.com/blog/ that I read her story about being a double mastectomy breast cancer patient and of her campaign --- to make the choice to be a 'flattie' as acceptable as any other choice, ie; breast re-construction or protheses.
I signed up to her request to get 1000 breast pockets, for a future event, and these are my small offer in honour of 3 women I know who are breast cancer survivors ... one of them being a double mastectomy.
Great venture, Melly !

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