Oct 16, 2012

OMG ~ Handstitching !

I don't know what ever possessed me !  .... Me ?  .... Handstitch !?  ... not if I didn't have to !
My mistake happened when I decided that the wool needed to be attached to the background canvas securely and began the process of making a few little random stitches all over the background ... wow ... a few random stitches turned into hundreds  ! ... it took a whole lot longer than I ever imagined and my fingers were punctured and my jaw ached !
Thank goodness it wasn't any larger ! (6 1/2" x 13")
Fingers are healing (damn, that needle was sharp !) and I had to remind myself to stop clenching my teeth ever time I picked this piece up !

But something neat came out of it !  As I stitched I wondered what I could do instead of covering the back with a blank piece of fabric (in order to cover up any stitching on the back) ... originally thinking to write something across the back amongst the stitches ... after all they were very small and looked like leaves falling. Was there a quote or poem about leaves falling ?
Or ... could I write something about my time in Killbear this year ?
Musing over the things I had seen, heard or witnessed, I started to form a verse/prose ... and I liked it !!  Too much to try and write on canvas with an ink pen ... but easy to write on a piece of muslin ... done now and ready to hang.

This is written on the backing of both 'Autumn ' and 'Birches'.

 In this place I love
Tiny birds sing clear,  still unseen,
High in the forest canopy.
Chipmunks sound as large as moose
As they scamper through 
Fallen leaves and tangled roots.
The wet air is filled with the aroma of 
Cedar, campfire smoke and damp earth  
 ~ I can’t breathe in enough.
Overhead large flocks of geese head south, 
Across a wildly changing September sky,
The clouds and the sun take turns flashing 
Blades of light and dark 
Through the family of trees with their 
Wet, black bark
Suddenly dark, a spit of rain, 
Then bright sunlight brings 
A little warmth again.


Both pieces hang on a twig collected off the forest floor.


  1. Oh your poor jaw! Maybe chew gum next time?? : ) Smack some loud bubbles. hehe

    THAT looks just goergeous. I'm starting to believe that EVERYTHING is better with hndstitching on it. There's always a place. LOVE it

    : )

    1. Never thought of gum !!!!
      Great idea, Monika, and thanks for your comments ... very much appreciated !