Nov 10, 2012


A little over a year ago I was sent a swatch of a water-solube material, called 'Aqua Magic', by fibre artist Nell Burns to try. Nell does  awesome work on this material and thought I might like it, too.
I have been working on water-soluble hospital laundry bags for many years and really hadn't been looking for new product. But his material is wonderful ! It is strong and can take a lot of pulling to tighten once it's in a hoop. Holes don't appear while it's being stitched a lot (a curse when using the 'saran-looking' water-solubles). I will be looking in local stores for it !
I did wonder, though, how water-soluble this fabric would actually be as it is quite a sturdy product. My concerns were put to rest when the condensation on my finger-tips (from my favorite beverage)  accidentally touched a few areas of this fabric :)

Back in Feb/Mar I knew that one of my Group of Seven pieces would be done in free-motion machine lace. Finally this summer, while I was away camping, I pulled out that precious swatch, cut it up and rearranged the dimensions a bit and started my under-drawing and even got around to applying a few stitches. 

Starting my 2nd round of stitches overlaying the base stitches (white)
This project has been very patient while it waits for me to find time to work on it. This past week has been almost full-steam ahead ... but even that means that I sew like a mad woman for just 20 minutes at a time because for some reason my eyes don't like this work at all ... probably my age !
I have begun more layers of thread in some ares and will probably end up with 4, 5 and 6 layers of thread before it is done. I will be 'boning up' on sewing snowflakes as they will play a major role along the border and falling from the bottom. It will hang from a devise hanger and hung at least a half inch from the wall so that light can travel through it and cast a lovely shadow.
Tom Thomson (my favorite of The Group Of Seven, ) created circles in some of his paintings where branches hung from trees touching the foreground creating a lovely circle for the eye to follow.  I love circles and have incorporated this idea as well, adding a few naked pine branches that will not only emphasize the circle but will also create a network of branches to connect areas of heavy stitching so that when I dissolve the background everything stays in place and will not hang awkwardly in space.
This piece is inspired by a painting by Lauren Harris, of The Group Of Seven, called 'Winter Landscape with Pink House', 1918 - in which he, too, has created a circle for the eye to follow.
I don't have a name for this piece yet but as I go along an appropriate name will eventually come to me.


  1. I never thought about what Nell was using, just assuming it was regular dissolvable---i too hate those darn holes--and the really heavy Solvy is a b_____ to get out of threadwork--shall have to see if i can find some of this too. Those trees, your work, the concept and execution are wondrous to behold!!

  2. So far I have no complaints re; this product ... hope you find some !
    Thank you for your very lovely compliments !

  3. Yeah! What Arlee said.

    WOw - stunning. Oh I want to try new things so bad!!

    Monika in Saskatoon

  4. I sent you vilene wash away...aqua magic and (just found) Pellon Wash n gone to be the exact same stuff which is great as its supplied locally too. I am sure there are plenty other brands out there too. So glad you like it, I love that I can transfer designs to it easier than the plastic types as it can take pencil and can even go through the printer to scan my design/photos before stitching.

  5. I love this piece so much!

  6. Hi Nell ... I have been looking for Aqua Magic and it doesn't seem to be sold anywhere near me, although I can order it online. I will check out the stores for the Pellon product ! Thanks for responding.

    Thank you so much, Dahn !