Nov 6, 2012

Spirits of the Shore

Going back a bit to my camping trip in September;
I found a book, written by Canadian Val Cabell, entitled "Spirits Of The Shore ~ The Phenomenal Interplay Of Rock, Water and Light" at the interpretive centre in the park.
In it the author wonders if these elements; rock, water and light, could have been the origin of totem pole cultures in ancient times. The book is full of photos taken of calm shorelines of rock formations at the waters edge. If you cock your head at a 45* angle the picture presented is very totem-like.
I saw just such a photo-op along the Magnetawan River while heading to the Little Britt Inn for lunch.
At first glance a nice peaceful scene ... then something else with a slight tilt of the head ! 
Ancient peoples must have been in awe/fear of what was revealed. 
Peace on the Magnetawan River, near Britt, Ontario
Yikes !! It sure scares me !  Looks quite 'alien' !
It has been a cool, dreary morning and I'm just taking some time to look at my photos and, hopefully, be inspired by them.  It has worked well and lots of fresh ideas have come of this exercise  ...  maybe I'll build a fibre totem ;}

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