Dec 28, 2012


I began this piece this past September, having drawn a rough sketch last winter when taking the "Study The Group Of Seven' course at the Elora Centre For The Arts. See also In Progress.

These are my own photos so therefore a bit blurry, please excuse, and I have enlarged them so that you can see more clearly that this is lace and open work. (The cloth behind is an old curtain covering up a very well used ironing board) This lace piece is approx. 10" x 25" . I haven't devised a hanger for this one yet but have several ideas floating around amongst the clutter which passes for a brain.

I found working on this piece to be very exciting. It still has no name ... just hard to think of one. 
It is inspired by Lauren Harris' 'Winter Landscape With Pink House' 1918. 
I have tried to stay as closely as I could to the colours that Lauren Harris used in his painting ... a look that suggests that one has just come out of the dark, heavily snowed area of the forest and has come upon a sunny clearing. 
'A Light In the Forest' came to mind as a title but, it has been used before ... but would nicely apply. I think using the word 'lace' in the title is a possible option, too. Any help in this area from my readers would be greatly appreciated.

It took me a while to get into it but, finally, I found myself thinking about it all the time ... curious as to how it would look when the disolvable fabric was gone.
When I started filling in and strengthening the coloured areas I was amazed at the quality of this water-soluble ... by the time I had 4 -7 layers of thread sewn down, the fabric was still holding it all well. There was a nice density to the 'fabric' that I was creating and I loved feeling that density between my fingers. It has now been dissolved and this piece is 'just thread'.
I had a bit of this water-soluble that I wasn't using and I cut it into 3 equal pieces that were just enough to add to the edges of my work ... that allowed my hoop to extend my work surface enough that I could finish the border... I just kept moving these 3 pieces around until all edges were done (nice strong material). When I go searching for this product locally I will buy lots of it !
The floating bottom was an idea I had from my first sketch but I never know how closely the final product will resemble my initial ideas until execution ! I sure help my memory is correct and that snowflakes have 8 points !

Nell, if you are watching, thanks again for this fabulous material !


  1. Sharon, this is amazing. The colour scheme, the textures and the whole are marvelous in the purest sense of the word. Your dedication is awe inspiring! And snowflakes can have 8 points in the art world :)

  2. WOW what an amazing piece of work!! Sorry its taken me so long to catch glad I have 'converted' you to the water soluble fabric world! Fab product (in my opinion!) but what you do with it creatively and artistically is whats truly inspiring, thank you

  3. Thanks for your comments Arlee ... your opinion counts with me ... and I should have checked, snowflakes have 6 sides ! ohoh !

    Thank you Nell, for your comments and for the chance to work with this water-soluble. Hospital laundry bags are now running a close second to Aqua Magic ! So glad you now have your ID !

  4. This is SUCH a beautiful piece. it is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing the big pictures. I had my nose one inch away from the screen to see every detail. LOVE IT!!

  5. Thanks Dahn ... I missed your comment and hate it when I do that !
    Lol ... love it when one of my pieces entices you in !