Jan 21, 2013

Bunches Of Stuff

Sybil's Kitchen Table Garden

Doesn't this photo make you think that spring will soon be here ?

I took it at the first meeting for 2013 for the Connections Fibre Artists last week.  The meeting was held at Sybil's Gallery in Oakville on a beautiful and sunny, cold wintery day. We set to discussing our latest group project for a show that will be held early in 2014 at the Wellington County Museum & Archives in Fergus ... details of which I will share my 1/28th of, below.

Sybil had a show hanging, in her gallery, by deceased Canadian artist Mercedes Horne ... wonderful, large watercolour abstracts that were embellished with ink. Seeing these paintings sent my brain spinning because I have wanted to combine my fibre with ink for a long time .... and I have a stash of 'paint water' fabrics that I need to do something with ... et voila (pardon my french) !  Now I see something exciting that will surely help when I have artists' block. 

Anyway, our group project is a famous painting (details disclosed later) that has been divided into 28 sections. 
Each section has been blown up to approx. 12" x 16" ... one section for each of the members of Connections Fibre Artists to complete in their own particular fibre art method.

Some at the meeting were done with their sections and more were well on their way to being ready for the Feb. 27th deadline. I am behind, but fellow member and great friend, Helen Hughes, and I had a discuss/show/share session this afternoon and we both feel better about our particular section ... because when you have just a small section of a much larger painting, what you get in your section doesn't always make a lot of sense .... but we both agree that when all 28 sections are installed on a large wall the whole will be wonderful to behold !

This is some of my section, at this point just some acrylic paint on canvas and some fabric scraps thrown on for size ... but I am in my zone now and looking forward to some machine work.

Sybil's Kitchen Table Garden

ps. In the Threadworks 2010, Juried Traveling Show, 'Trees', my piece 'Georgian Pine' won 2 awards and a promise to buy. It has now finished its journey of nearly 3 yrs.  
I wasn't too sure that my clients would still want or even remember the piece ... but lucky me, they bought it last week ! ... and my first purchase with this 'art' money was new ink pens !! 
Georgian Bay Pine can be seen on my Gallery page in this blog.

If anyone is interested, sorry must be Canadian, and has a piece of work finished within the last 3 yrs., with water as the subject matter, and you'd like more info or would like to download a Call For Entry to Threadworks 2013, Juried Traveling Show, 'WATER' please click here

Sharron ~ Threadpainter


  1. My friend Jennie is in that group with you - she's doing the bottom right hand corner - it will be interesting to see what your portion looks like as you work on it. :)

  2. I wish I could show a picture of her piece on the Connections blog but it is a bit premature ... it is lovely !
    I am doing the top left corner.