Jan 28, 2013

Having a Bit Of Fun

I love, love, love what happens when I jam a piece of white cotton into my waste paint water (acrylic) and wait for the paint to be absorbed and to dry ! I don't know for sure what this cotton is (did the fire test and it is cotton) but there were sections that just wouldn't absorb the paint ... oh yessiree, all my fabrics are washed before I put them in my box ... so, it's still a mystery.

The paint water is pretty watered down so the fabric is easy to sew through.
And then I added ink marker ... really liking what I see ! Kinda wish I could hand embroider !


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! LOVE that last one, the sketch---and why can't you? :)

  2. lol ... Thanks arlee !
    I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 11yrs. old so stitching, by hand is very difficult and tiring. My right hand is quite deformed and my left has artificial knuckles ... some dilemma, eh ? Free-motion machine embroidery is for me !

  3. I love how you've created leaves from the white bits. Very nice!

  4. Great fun! I liked the way some of the cotton resisted. Machine stitching gives its own special results, which would be really cool with this piece.
    best, nadia

  5. I have to say, Sue, that those white bits spoke loud and clear to me ... thx !

    Thx Nadia, I always have machine stitching in the background of my mind but it hasn't spoken to me yet ... soon !

  6. Love how you envisioned the leaves and showed them to us. :)

    Cheers Patti

  7. Thank you for visiting Patti ! I'm still working on this piece so may be a while before I show the end result.

  8. Sharron, this takes me back to the 1950s. At that time I worked in a newspaper art department. In the next cubicle was an old man; an excellent illustrator in several mediums. He taught me everything I know about watercolor painting. Anyway, he would drop watercolor blobs into a bowl of water, swirl them around, and then drop a piece of blotter paper on top of the swirls of color. That made interesting abstract designs; each one unique. I will never forget Frank Bate, my tutor and great friend, who departed this life over 50 years ago.

    1. Hi Fred ... thank you so much for dropping by !
      I miss you, old friend, and the gang we hung with ! I turned 65, 2 days ago ... doing well, considering ... hope you and Barb are as well.
      Artworks is finished now, as all good things come to an end it seems.
      Sounds like Frank Bate was an extremely good influence on you and your memories.
      I hope you will visit me again !
      I have an iMac now !!! Took some getting used to but I love the graphics when viewing pieces of art.