Feb 16, 2013

Did I Ever Do Something Stupid !

I haven't had much to say this past week because my camera was out of commission !
It wasn't ill or anything ... my camera card had done a disappearing act ! 
All my own fault !
As I was sitting in the semi-dark, one evening playing solitaire, I decided to download some photos I had taken earlier that day.
In the gloom of my room I accidentally popped my camera card into the CD slot ... gone !!! ... down into the depths of that slot with the felt doors ! All because I wanted to show you the 'diamonds' !

So, for a week, I have been trying to hook it and I've talked to the Apple people and friends, and finally decided it might just be easier to buy a new camera card and forget about ever putting a CD in my computer ever again. But, one Apple sales clerk said to 'turn it up-side down and see if it falls out and/or open up a paper clip and see if you could 'hook' it'.
Wow ... I am so glad I gave that a try ! My son-in-law, just an hour ago, shook it and hooked it ! And CD's still play ! What a break that was !

Anyway, last Friday, after 6 hrs of stitching and finishing my portion of the joint project my group is working on, I noticed how the sun was making the snow shine like diamonds after the nasty snow storm we had the day before. I didn't know whether I would be able to capture the shine ... but I did ! ... or rather, my camera did !

one of the windows, that hasn't been replaced yet, had such a beautiful Jake Frost creation on it 

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Through the pool fence diamonds glisten.

Driving conditions were very bad and schools and buses were cancelled ... but the day after ? ... not looking bad at all ! This 8ft pine in front of my house still has xmas lights on it. This pine started life in a flower pot inside the pool fence many years ago, has been moved several times and has flourished and loves where she lives.


  1. The snow is beautiful--and the frost picture is especially so. I can totally see that as a thread painted piece. :-)
    And I love your tree--its wonderful!

  2. Thank you Dahn for visiting my blog ! Do you have a website or blog that I can visit in return ?
    That tree sits where an older maple tree was literally slaughtered about 10 yrs ago ... I am still affected whenever I think about it ... but this little pine loves the spot and is thriving.