Feb 25, 2013

Re-blogging a Great Week

I have a very dear friend who travels a number of times a year and leaves his house in my possession while he is gone. It's mutually beneficial to both of us ... he has his home well attended and I get a 'studio' where I can paint fabric and leave it out 'til dry, draw in peace and quiet and sort all kinds of things out in my head without distractions.
At my house my 'studio' is a rather small room and my daughter's family (5) are living with us ... so, leaving swatches of painted fabric laying out 'til dry on the counters and kitchen table just won't be happening  at my house ! Plus, being so easily distracted by phone calls, tempted by invitations to lunch and the arrival of 3 gr.kids from school, puts a great big cramp in 'time well spent' !
So, I am pleased that this week I have finished the hand-stitching (and left tons of DNA there ...ouch !) of a cover on the back of a laced piece ....

.... designed and worked on 2 ink drawings and continued with my 'ink on fabric' piece ...

... organized some important notes for an up-coming meeting and compiled a list of duties/volunteers for Threadworks 2013 'WATER', A Tri-Annual Juried Fibre Art Exhibition that will be launched in April.
A bottle of red wine, and the big-screen TV helped fill in time when my eyes got tired of computer screen and sketch books.

A small snow storm provided some photo ops .....

... on the beautiful sunny day after .... but the sun was non-existent on the days when I needed to photograph my work hence the darkness in my photos of my work.
I'll be leaving this lovely solitude within the hour and will enjoy it again in May.
Hello family, here I come !


  1. "find the image"--perfection here in the flowers and ink choice

  2. Thanks arlee ... lol ... it is fun trying to make some sense of the paintless blobs !

  3. What a great retreat! Your beautiful art projects show how 'in the zone' you obviously were while there.

  4. I adore your drawings SO much! And oooh the snow here just will not stop.
    beautiful as always
    ~Monika K in Saskatoon

  5. Thanks !! I so look forward to that time to be just creative !
    I forgot to post more of my inks for you to look at Monika ... I have to get them out and scan to my computer some day soon ... which just seems like quite a job, as most are already framed ... but I will one of these days 'cause some of them I have no other record of ! Not good a good thing. Is your snow part of the system we're experiencing ? Or another system that will make it our way ? Oh well, makes for some very awesome photos !! (see new post)