Feb 6, 2013

Scratched !

A few posts ago I gave a sneak peak of a project that I am a part of for our Connections Fibre Artists Show next year but this bit needs to be ready by the end of this month ! I scratched that, that I had started  .....  Why, you might wonder ?  ...  because I was trying to do a piece that conformed to the 'rules' a bit better than my normal work and it just wasn't working for me.
Then a discussion about said 'rules' brought out the rebel in me ... but not the full rebel ... just the 3/4 rebel.
And that's all I can say at this moment ... but I will definitely up-date !

The Harris Artists Collective, Group 4 (of which I am a member) is hanging a show March 26th, and I offered my services to design, and have printed, the 'rack' card for it ... by the 15th of February !

Threadworks 2013, A Tri-Annual Juried Travelling Show ~ 'WATER' is imminent ... lots of work to do there ...April ! Wow ! Time is flying ... but putting this all down is helpful, thank goodness !

And thank goodness for 'Amy' the amaryllis and for the glorious sunshine (albeit freezing cold outside) of the last 2 days ! Otherwise I would not have gotten so far into my work nor felt joyful about it, without them.

Yesterday ... all four buds are ready to pop !

I bought this bulb from a friend who was fundraising for the Huntington's Chorea Society just before Christmas
 Today the sun has encouraged Amy the Amarylis
to 'strut her stuff' !

Amy's sister stalk isn't getting 
the same amount of nourishment I guess ... slow going but she's opening, too ! 

Love the light through her petals ! I have never grown one of these before and it has been wonderful watching a long green stalk, with not a leaf, grow into such a beautiful flower ... wish she smelled as good as she looks ! See the sunshine through the window ... glorious !


  1. Hi, Sharron. Lovely color in the petals. Nature always surprises me. And to answer your question about my mosaic pots--yeah, I make everything...Living on a small farm in Tunisia and not being much of a shopper, I simply make what I want. So pleased to have found your blog. Your work is beautiful.
    best from Tunisia,

  2. Welcome Nadia ... so glad you visited !
    I keep thinking of your lovely pots and thinking ahead to summer on my own patio and how some like yours would really give it that tropical look ! We are expecting a major snow storm today so summer thoughts are good !