Feb 24, 2013

Something Crazy Has Occurred

I posted on my blog last night but cannot find it this morning ... except in the list of blogs on my dashboard but I cannot open it ! Weird !
Hope you can open it ... let me know if you can't, please.


  1. nope, see nothing between this post and the Feb 16th one anywhere--can you not check your posts on your dashboard?

  2. Thanks for checking arlee ... not in my list of posts either ... maybe I'll try to remember what I was saying and re-write !

  3. I could not find it either. I clicked on it yesterday as I follow your blog... Here is the preview I got - but when I clicked on MORE - it says this blog does not exist.

    ... the snow storm I have a very dear friend who travels a number of times a year and leaves his house in my care while he is gone. It's mutually beneficial to both of us ... he has his home well attended and I get a 'studio' where I can paint fabric and leave it out 'til dry, draw in peace and quiet and sort all kinds of things out in my head without distractions. At my house my 'studio' is a rather small room, with very limited surfaces for laying anything out, and our daughter's family of 5 lives with us. Leaving swatches of painted fabric laying out 'til dry on the kitchen table ... more »

  4. Me too Lucy !
    Can't figure out what I did wrong ! Thanks for this !