Feb 1, 2013

Stitching, Friends & Family

Wednesday was a busy day, starting with braving the horrible rainy weather and the traffic at the school's where I dropped of gr.children. Then straight away to Walmart (not my favourite store) to pick up a certain toy. The afternoon was spent with good friends and finished with my grandson's 7th birthday with cake and a family get together. 
A very full day with contact with all those that I love dearly.

.... Helen's sneak preview ...
The afternoon was spent out in the country with 2 great friends, Helen & Elizabeth, and while they did some hand stitchin' I picked their brains and made notes ... and, I confess, I did a little 'ranting'. Thank goodness for friends that listen and offer sage advice. I have a report that I want to present soon and need to know of what I speak ... 3 brains have got to be better than one, right ?! ... and maybe I will sound like I know what I'm talking about.
I think I am on the right path, now, and can proceed with the best of intentions and compassion.

...Elizabeth's sneak preview ...
Then I set to 'inking' on fabric again. I really love this concept and will be on the look out for pens or markers that have a smoother flow for fabric. Anyone out there with good ideas re: pens/markers ? I have tried Faber-castell, Micron and Staedtler and they are all very nice ... but definitely meant for paper.

Then ! ... wow ! ... Helen dishes up fresh figs, brie & crackers, grapes and pears !!! What a decadent little feast ! 
E.'s hubby finished breaking up the ice in the lane-way with his tractor just in time to sit down with us and enjoy such fabulous fare ... lucky guy !

Thank you Helen and Elizabeth for putting my head on straight and for a great day considering the rainy drizzle outside. But, by then, the snow was almost non-existent ... a fresh slate for what was to come ? ... fierce winds, icy conditions and a small amount of snow.


  1. Have you tried Copic? i hear they are excellent, and if they work on watercolour paper with great lines without bleeding (unless you "treat" them), maybe on fabric too?

  2. I haven't !
    And I vaguely remember seeing an advertisement last year for markers for fabric but can't remember the brand ... guess it's time to get on 'google' ! Thx, arlee

  3. Have you thought about using a laundry marker? They don't bleed and you can wash them. They are like a biro but must have some special ink in them.

  4. I haven't thought of that ! I used to use one to label my Grandfathers clothes while he was in a nursing home ... must check that out ... hope there is a fine point !
    Thx Sue !