Feb 28, 2013

Wow ~ Another Snowfall

Yesterday's snowfall had fallen off the branches by mid-afternoon ... and then another 6-8" fell last night ! 
I was outside in my nightgown at 8am to get these shots ! 
It is almost 2pm now and, again, most of the branches are bare. 
This storm has been that slow-moving weather system coming up from the southern states.  The snow is very wet and heavy now and will probably turn to rain by tonight.
Just gorgeous ! Is it safe to say that March is coming in like a lion ?

Wouldn't this make a great JigSaw Puzzle ??? I'd do it, wouldn't you ?

My Baby ! She just may be on next year's Christmas Cards !

Loving the sharp contrasts !!

My Absolutely Final Inspiration For A Very Important Show
~ can hardly wait to get started !

Have a great day everyone !


  1. Wowza! I love your snow shots. And...NO...I don't think I'd enjoy that puzzle!!! :)

  2. lol ... Thank you so much for visiting and enjoying the snow !
    It was so beautiful out there this morning but almost gone by dinner time :(

  3. gorgeous photos. I would love to live somewhere it snows. So beautiful and delicate.

    1. Thanks Sarah ... as much as snow seems to annoy so many people, I know I couldn't live where there was no snow ... it creates so much beauty.