Mar 15, 2013

Breathing room !

Finally a little breathing room ! 
Lovely to have the time to play with a some photo apps.
I'm not a great photographer but I love taking pictures. 
Absolutely hate most pictures of myself but this one that I took last year, in front of the computer, has possibilities ... meaning I like it well enough and it describes me the way I see myself. 
I've been using it as my profile photo.
Today I 'postered' it and if I painted anymore I would use it to do a self portrait ... I love the colours and especially the heart on my cheek !

This one is 'pointillized' and again, it would make a lovely, painted self-portrait, I think.
Though on closer look maybe I would look better to others if they happened to be bleary-eyed or I wore a veil over my face ! hahah !

But the real point of this exercise was to see how my winter scene (which I am most eager to get done in fibre) would look like in different styles ... sharpened, blue-printed, exposed more ... even kaleidescoped !
Yup ... same winter scene  ... just fantastic !     Love it !!!
I had such fun and at the very least some drawings are coming out of this day of play !

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