Mar 29, 2013

I Think I've Exhausted the Occasion !

It's been over a week that I have had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday nearly every day with such dear friends and fabulous family. 
Lunch with Mark and a short road trip on a snowless day.
Dinner cooked by Shannon with double chocolate cake baked by Rachel, 
Kevin loaded my BD cake with as many candles as he could find and I blew them out with one puff ! Not bad for an old girl !
Watching my 3 youngest gr.children (17 mos, 15 mos and 3 mos) on grandma's special day and just marvelling at them ! 
3 older helping with the little ones ... missing the 3 that weren't there.
Lunch with Elizabeth and birthday greetings from friends far & wide
 texts, and BD cards in the mail. 
A postcard from friends on a cruise and greetings from waitresses ... and art gallery staff ! 
Everywhere I turned someone was wishing me a Happy Birthday !
Then a sleepover with special friends, Tom & Sheena from waaaaay back ... Tom was a childhood friend of my SO - he was our best man ! We started with wine and cheese then dinner at Stoney's in Burlington and then we talked into the wee hrs of the morning ... need for sleep finally coaxing us to bed.

That was the week that was !

65 years is a big deal for me ... I'm now officially a senior citizen about to receive her first old age security cheque ! 
Wow !! I never, ever thought I would live to be this 'old' ! 
I can remember, when I reached 20, thinking I never wanted to be 30 ... that was too old ! 
Then soberly realizing that I would probably die in my 50's, as my maternal line of 'mothers' had 
... my goal then being, to at least make it to 56 yrs ... the age my mother never went beyond.
But lo' and behold I have surpassed them all by quite a few years !
I have been told that 70 is the new 50 ... .woohoo ! 
Another goal.

I had a short bucket list;
to own a Canadian diamond 
to spend 2-3 mos in Scotland.
What a fabulous gift from my significant other !
Scotland awaits.


  1. Sounds like your a lucky girl, happy one to you. I've just discovered you and your work. Can I follow you? I couldn't see a follow me spot?

    1. Thank you Caroline !
      I am currently working on my 'followers' and haven't quite figured out what is wrong ... time to dig a little deeper.