Mar 30, 2013

Took Me Long Enough !

Hi friends and visitors,
Yesterday a visitor left a comment saying that she would like to 'follow' my blog but was unable to.
I have been checking the status of my followers for weeks and had hoped that I'd find a few new friends there !
Apparently, because I had changed my blog view to 'dynamic' I couldn't have the 'Followers' gadget as well !
So, back to the drawing board ... now I have a slightly different look but I have my friends list back !
The light comes on !
As much as I pride myself on learning new computer stuff on a regular basis, I still miss a few things.
So, dear readers, welcome to my blog.


  1. Thanks for changing back to a standard layout :) All those spinning wheels, disappearing sidebars and doeydangles on that onetemplate usually means i rarely visit a blog--except for yours :)

  2. I didn't realize that there were so many little 'ideo's' with it ... but I am happy with how this one looks and very glad that it will be more accessible ! Thanks for commenting and helping me 'see', arlee.
    Have a great Easter weekend !!

  3. Oh haha - look at me. A blog so nice, I'm following you twice. : )

    ~Monika : )

  4. That's wonderful Monika ... but as soon as I figure that one out, I will remove your second following ;)

  5. Excellent - I had wondered why I couldn't join your blog - now I understand - and am delighted to join! I will also investigate some of the other members. I'm sure I'll find some gems amongst them.

  6. Here you are! I had to redo your 'subscription', so I am happy to have gotten through again. :-)