Apr 6, 2013

Another Group of Seven Study

Going to take the chance to show something that I was working on in January and February. 
It was part of a 'group project' that involved members of Connections Fibre Artists.
It is of questionable status at this time. 
For me, for now, it will stand as another study of one of the Group of Seven painters. 
This is just 1/28th of the original painting ... can you guess which one ? 
still unstretched
machine stitching almost done
 Stretched and smooth closer view
closer view

 Decided to fore-go my usual stretcher frame and laced the canvas to a piece of 1/4" foam core ... man that's labour intensive ! Then hand-stitched a piece of fabric onto the back to cover the lacing ... more of my favourite stitching :(
 Finished ! approx. 12"x17" 


  1. Oh, I'm swooning over that tree--gorgeous! Being hung up by a pomegranate tree right now, I can fully appreciate what went into this. By the way, thanks for leaving a comment in my garden section--to answer your question, yes, I made all the mosaic pots. One of the many reasons why I have become "MulticoloredPieces." I did another garden post today with all my recycled "stuff", just having fun...
    best, nadia

    1. Thanks very much for commenting and I will be along shortly to have a look at your posts.
      Heading to the nearest bed right now after one very long day in 'the arts'.