Apr 12, 2013

ICE !!!!!

We were so glad that the ice storm did it's worst through the nigh ! All our jurors and volunteers were able to get home before it hit.

After a morning spent sitting at the computer (between power outages) emailing disappointed entrants I managed to get a few photos of the Ice Storm of April 12, 2013 ... there have been some very nice photo ops this winter ... but for goodness sakes, Mother Nature ... can you stop already ????

 so fresh & green
 my grandson left his 'bubbles' out there

 we hung clothes out there last week !

the ice was really heavy on the north side of the pine


  1. I've been occupied this week doing an online sketch book workshop (great fun I've had too....) and had missed your last three posts. They were there for me to enjoy this morning.
    Going back a post or two, I can well see why Birches and Field Corn II have sold - they are beautiful and these ice storm pics are extraordinary!
    It is always a pleasure to visit your blog.

    1. And always a pleasure to have you visit !
      Thank you for the lovely compliments and I will get back to your blog to see what you've been up to re: sketch book wksp !

  2. ah, i remember those ice storms---beautiful but oh so scarey and inconvenience causing---i "see" work coming for you from several of these photos--ice in thread

    1. lol ... yes, you do see work coming from some of these photos ! ... butfor now they are just a glimmer in my eye ... how to execute them will come once I have a chance to breathe !
      Ice is all gone now .. snowing yesterday afternoon !

  3. Wow, Sharron, what a once-in-a-lifetime-beauty ! (wonderful for the pictures I mean ;-) !)
    (found you through Fiona ..... love your stitching)

    1. Thank you Els ... I will be along shortly to visit your blog !

  4. I took a lot of photos of the ice on shurbs in Guelph. We ended up staying in Guelph until Saturday because of the ice warnings for the highways going east to Kingston.

    Thanks for all the hard work you and Elizabeth , and all those beautiful volunteers did for Threadworks. Well done.

  5. Hi Judy,
    Ice and heavy snowfalls provide such beauty to photograph and as long as I can step outside my door and not fall, I will take photos of it.
    So glad that you didn't go straight home during that ice storm ! Am amazed that we actually got Threadworks juried before it hit !
    The 3 of you were an excellent jury and our crew of volunteers were fantastic ! The evaluations sheets will be compiled and provide excellent feedback to the entrants. Can hardly wait for the opening day !
    So nice to meet you in person !
    Thank you very much !