Apr 12, 2013

What A Week !

The launch of THEADWORKS 2013 ~ 'WATER' began on April 7 bright and early at 8am, out of town, at The Wellington County Museum & Archives just between Fergus and Elora.
I had already been up since 3'ish am ! The entries came in steadily on Sunday and I had enough help that I was able to get away to my opening with The Harris Artists Collective in Elora... and boy, was I glad that I did ! ... see 'I'll Miss This Piece' below!

Back to the museum on Monday and a volunteer crew of about 12 women processed 170 entries from all over Canada till 4pm. And, sure enough, one late comer still sewing a sleeve on her wall hanging ! It always happens ... good thing we aren't dogged tired or hungry or anxious to get to our beds.

TW Committee (2 of us) back Tues. morning to arrange all the entries on tables for the jurors the next day ... making sure names were hidden/covered, #'s were in place and that each item was displayed in the best possible way for the jurors the next day.

Wednesday ... raining all day/night ... headed to Oakville for a meeting with Connections Fibre Artists ... back for some dinner and back to Elora for a meeting with The Harris Artists Collective at 7pm ... decent, dry weather all the way home that night.

Thursday ... back to the museum at 8am ... but bad weather was coming ... had already had concerns from jurors and volunteers who were travelling ... would it all happen today ?

Ice pellets were falling as I reached Fergus. But the day went off beautifully, everyone made it there and the ice had dissipated to just rain by the time we all went home at 4pm after a long, hard day jurying, feeding people and packing up pieces that didn't make it into the exhibition ... wow ... what a lot of work ! Our packers are such hard, caring workers.

I got home and crawled into bed ... the last few days were catching up to me.

This morning I started the sad task of emailing approx. 120 entrants with the news that their work did not get into the show ... its a tough job but someone has to do it !

An excellent show has been chosen by the jurors ! The show opens to the public;

April 20 - June 9, 2013, 
Opening Reception and Awards ~ April 28, 2013, 1 - 4 pm
All Invited !

I write this for an accounting and to inform anyone who has entered the show ... so many people have no idea how things progress behind the scenes., not only by us but by the fabulous staff at the Wellington County Museum & Archives who bend over backwards to make sure our every need is met. Thanks WCM&A !
starting to have to use floor/wall space

the tables are loaded

a lot of paperwork
and double checking

entries opened to ensure proper packaging, names, titles, finishing
everything then gets numbered before it gets to the payment desk

inspectors Mary Lunney, Virginia Buchanan-Smith and Barbara Kershaw while
Tracey Lawko brings in a stack of entries from Toronto
there's still a line-up for entry !
everything ready and waiting for the jury tomorrow !
the jurors are choosing the award winners
juror Sylvia Naylor and her assistant Linda J. (a volunteer)
Juror Judy Martin and her assistantant Elizabeth K.
it was a hard job !
just a few of our crew of volunteers
Our Jurors ... Judy Martin, William Hodge and Sylvia Naylor
with assistants Elizabeth King, John Willard and Linda Janzen
Sylvia Naylor, William Hodge and Judy Martin


  1. Such a lot of work...I had no idea. How very generous you all are with your time. All the very best for a successful show (and I really hope your weather improves!!).

    1. Thank you Marny !
      I did want people to see what goes on behind the scenes of a juried show ... there are many involved and we strive for 'organized' ;)
      Today, 2 of us will sit in a big storage shed for 4 hours while entrants come to pick up their pieces not in the show. We have to deal with the very sad and unhappy today.

  2. Neat. Thanks for the photos. I went to see the Trees exhibit in 2010 and plan on seeing this one.
    Any idea what the next theme will be?

  3. Hi Dolores,
    The theme for 2016 will be officially announced very soon ... watch for it on the ONN website;
    and on