May 27, 2013

A 30th Anniversary for The Ontario Network of Needleworkers ! And Photos of Threadworks 2013 !

The Ontario Network of Needleworkers (ONN) is the parent of the tri-annual Threadworks Juried Traveling Show. 
This year we were celebrating our 30th Anniversary ! 
You've come a long way, baby !

Saturday, May 25, was our AGM and is, normally, an all-day affair attended by delegates and observers from all of the sister guilds that belong. They represent nearly 30 guilds/groups and 1000's of needleworkers. 
Annual meetings are hosted by a volunteer guild ... but 2013 did not have a volunteer guild. So, a 'gathering/celebration' was developed by several wonderful ladies (Sheila, Elizabeth, Ruth, et al ) to be held at the Wellington County Museum & Archives and to coincide with the Threadworks 2013 Juried Traveling Show ~ 'Water' hanging in the main gallery of the WCM&A. 
This was a wonderful opportunity for whole guilds to take in the Threadworks 2013 show, the display tables and the Waterloo Quilt and Fibre Art Festival ... all in one day or weekend.

Threadworks very 1st show was in 1987 !
A lot has changed and Threadworks has evolved as has the ONN. 
At the AGM display tables are set up and are open to the public ... to brag a bit and to  show how needlework has also evolved in quality, technique and design.
There has nearly always been a merchants mall alongside ... books ! threads ! yarns ! paint ! ... everything a needleworkers heart desires !

The weekend was cool, but bright and sunny, the display table visitors unusually sparse but the guardian needleworkers were friendly, knowledgeable and industrious. 
Congratulations ONN !

Threadworks 2013 ~ WATER, in the gallery, has been fabulously attended. Taking pictures in the gallery lighting can make photos rather yellowish, but I managed to get a sampling, mostly close-ups, for you to view.
Waterfall ~ Dianne Gibson
Vortex ~ Maggie Vanderweit
Water=Life ~ Hilary Rice
Spring Thaw ~ Tracey Lawko

Undulations ~ Dianne Gibson

Waterplay: Wavy Pillows Roll ~ Linda Janzen
Low ~ Dwayne Wanner
But Will It Hold Water ~Evelyn Ward De Roocording wrapped in old navigational maps of the Great Lakes

Mist In The Morning ~ Wenda Mortlock this box was so lovingly made, the judges just had to give it recognition
Underwater ~ Pat Hertzberg
Sirens ~ Mary Kroetch
Waves And Flowers ~ Patricia Menon
A Highland Stream ~ Marianne Tighe
35 Below ~ Jenny Wood
Water World ~ Margaret Vant Erve


  1. Some lovely work - very varied - much enjoyed. Thank you to everyone!

    1. Yes, the work is quite varied and very lovely.
      Glad you dropped by to have a peak !

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  3. Thanks for including a photo of my piece "But Will it Hold Water". I was thrilled to be included in such a body of work.

  4. WOW! What beautiful needlework. Do all these people live around you? You must have a thriving art community where you live. I did a very short (1 day) course on machine embroidery, which I enjoyed very much, and I have two or three books on it, but I've never actually done anything structured. I've always liked the artworks produced.

  5. Thanks Sue,
    Most live within an hr., others are from further east (several hrs.), 1 from British Columbia, Canada 1 from Nova Scotia, Canada, 1 from Britain and 1 from Argentina. Only 5 of us live within a half hour of each other.
    Please check out our website (and blog) at;