May 13, 2013

The Bare Bones

My goodness, but it has been hard to get going on this piece of new work !

My responsibilities with Threadworks 2013 aren't over yet, but the end is near.
My youngest daughter is expecting her 2nd baby and requires bed rest ... and, I don't know about others, but I want to help her everyday with dishes and tidying so that she isn't tempted to over-do anything !
My fibre art group is going through some changes and I feel desperate to help.  I have been instrumental in arranging a new, important show for the group that I now feel is causing a few concerns.  The show is scheduled for Next April ... I hope a few things will have fallen into place by then.

But this 'old', new work has been started and awaits the few moments in a day that I can devote to it. It is approx. 16"x24' in size, at this point, but it will lose up to an inch in each direction by the time I have added many layers of thread. 
I have joined to pieces of 12" Wet N Gone water-soluble and drawn my image with an orange pencil crayon ... then I stitched my image in orange thread ... why ? 
Because of my desire to try to do a piece like a few of the Group of Seven did. I intend to let the orange thread show through in places ... as they did. If you are ever up-close-and-personal with an original Group of Seven painting you will see the red/orange outline, of the underlying drawing, showing through. And I hope to simplify the threadpainting in the way that Lauren Harris did.
Miles and miles of thread to go yet ... I will be busy for a while with this one !
Please stay tuned.


  1. You are just so brilliant. ; ) And yes - I watch a lot of how-to-painting instruction and often see that orangy underpainting. Very cool. ; ) You are just so brilliant!! (yes I said ti twice and I meant it both times - hhehe)

    good luck with daughter & grandbabyontheway

    1. I'm going to have to adopt you, you know that, right ?
      Daughter is holding her own and is happily listening to what this little person is doing whilst inside her belly .
      Thank you, Monika