May 20, 2013

Two Canada Geese and a Cat

An omen or what ? Could this be interpreted ? At least it wasn't a black cat.

On Friday morning, last, while driving my pregnant daughter to her doctor, I almost killed 2 Canada Geese ! I was coming around a bend in the road and just crested a small knoll when, there they were !
I stopped, just barely, within feet of them, honked my horn several times ... and, well, you know they only move at their own speed and assume they own the road ... and the city ! ... they are everywhere !
So I stayed 'til they moved onto the boulevard ... maybe someone else got them instead later that morning.

Then, that night, as I headed out to pick up my granddaughter from the movies, twin shining lights were heading towards me on the road. My headlights finally picked up what these twin lights belonged to ... a cat ! ... sauntering towards me in my lane ... I slowed, stopped and the cat still came towards me, and then lay down on the pavement in front of my truck ! 
I couldn't see it at this point so backed up a bit and started to honking my horn. Was it seeking heat from the pavement or was it sick ? I didn't want to just go around it and have another, unsuspecting driver, hit it. I honked my horn to no avail. Finally a gentleman, out for his nightly stroll, carefully came towards the cat from behind. I could tell he was a bit nervous of this strange behaviour in the cat. The cat didn't notice or hear him at all until the man gingerly reached for the cat's back ... the cat finally noticed and wasn't about to be touched ! It took off like a shot and we all went on our separate ways ... tho' I found it an awful coincidence that this happened again to me ... 3 near animal deaths in one day !

Nothing worse than a head cold to halt any creativity that may have been happening ... darn, having a great deal of 'block' these days !

And, I'm a bit sad, that 3 of my pieces are all packed and ready to meet their new owners ! I should be elated but for some reason, sad.
But before I packaged up Field Corn II I took some close-ups ... I know, I know ... haven't I taken enough ? I totally boring or just obsessed ?

I think summer has finally come ! Yeah ! 
All the trees are in leaf, the grass is growing wildly and the birds are busy.
The pool is open and will be ready to swim in in a few days !
I have been going to the local pool all winter, with a friend, several times a week, starting at 6:40 am. We walk/stride for an hour every session ... in my pool I do the same but several times a day.

Happy Victoria Day everyone !

Victoria Day is a federal Canadian public holiday, in honour of England's, Queen Victoria's birthday.
The date is also that on which the current reigning Canadian sovereign's (currently Queen Elizabeth II) official birthday is recognized. 
Informally, it marks the beginning of summer in Canada ... provincial parks here we come !
This coincides with the American holiday, Memorial Day.

This holiday has been observed in Canada since before Confederation.
It is a statutory holiday federally, and observed in 6 of Canada's 10 provinces and  in all 3 of it's territories.           ... info from Wikipedia


  1. Field of Corn II has such a lovely swirl of movement and I love the texture and subtlety revealed by the close-up - so, no, you haven't posted too much! I really enjoyed seeing it in this way.
    Spring has come here too, at last. I almost ran over a blackbird with worm in mouth this morning. I think it was pre-occupied with parenthood.... I remember the feeling!

    1. I am delighted that you see this piece the way I do !
      I have had near misses with birds as well but they always manage to miss disaster ... gutsy little things !
      Lovin' your black and white study !

  2. I loved Cornfield of yours. I'm sad too. You are such an excellent designer & stitcher. ; ) And hey wait a minute - you did not nearly kill 3 animals. You worked hard to ensure three animals survived! Glass half full - they were luck it was you driving and not someone else, right? So to that - congrats for being there even though it scared the heck out of you. : )

    ~Monika K
    in Saskatoon

    1. aww ... thanks so much !
      You are right ! ... glass half full ! ... I'm the hero in this scenario ! lol !
      Be over soon to see what you are up to.

  3. Yes, indeed, I like the glass half full theory as well....good for you, Monika!! And your Field of Corn II piece is so stunning that more pictures are a treat to see. I can imagine you'll be sorry to see it go...pieces worked on so intensely become like old friends! We go through so much together with them! The best part is, there will be more! Hope you get over your cold quickly and then you'll be back at it in no time...

    1. Thanks so much Marny ... I will eventually do another corn piece ... can't resist.
      The cold has lessoned and the head has cleared ebough to get some paperwork done but it has left me with an awful cough. The weather has gotten 'Novemberish' today so at least I am not suffering through that hot muggy weather we've had for the last few days !