Jun 23, 2013

A Bit Of A Set Back ...

Who knew the weather would stop me from sewing ???
It is very hot here and very humid ... and guess what is affected more than myself ? ... my water-soluble ! Yup, started to develop bigger holes than necessary whenever my sewing machine needle dove through it ... I couldn't keep up making the threads fill over the holes. So, now, all tucked safely away in a well-sealed plastic container.
The sun is shining at the moment but rain expected and it's sooo hot ! Imagine that ... complaining already about our changeable weather ... just last week it was cold and rainy ... now it's too hot ... and still rainy !
I do not have air conditioning so all my windows are open a bit to let air in but the moisture comes with it. There is just a breathe of a breeze coming in my window so that I can blog a bit in relative comfort ... of course having very little on, helps ;)

Not being able to work on my project is ok, though, as I need more thread. I accidentally bought 2 spools of the wrong colour the other day ... will attempt to exchange them today when the store opens at noon. The manager at our local fabric store is such a witch and I know I'll get a hassle from her ... but I will win !!!

In an earlier post I mentioned re-visiting my piece 'Winter's Lace', which I forgot to take pictures of before I entered it in a show ... but I did get photos at our opening. I really like the revision.

Last Wednesday my group, www.connectionsfibreartists.blogspot.com, had a 'playday' and we made collagraphs at Sybil's, Joshua Creek Heritage & Art Centre in Oakville 
Not something I would have spontaneously done myself ... but it was fun to watch the enthusiasm of the other members ! Some artists are so productive !

out on the gallery patio

lots on the drying rack

The bracelet I was making earlier this month, the collagraph I managed to build and a quick print of it ... might make bookmarks !
A beautiful sunny day, cool if in the shade, lots of bird song and flowering gardens ... and the eye-candy wasn't bad either ! (building a gazebo at Joshua Creek Heritage and Art Centre)


  1. No AC here either and sometimes it is hot and sometimes it is very hot but this afternoon it is wet and the rain drove right through the open windows. :( You are showing some very cool eye candy here!

    1. Still stinkin 'hot here elle ... glad you appreciate the eye-candy ;)

  2. Your Winter's Lace piece is a stunner...the shadows it throws are so beautiful. And what a wonderfully productive day you had with your art group. (I belong to a couple of art groups here and I love the camaraderie we all share. Good for the soul on so many levels.)
    Crazy weather right across the country it seems although I really can't complain here. Hope it settles down for you soon so you can get back to your latest piece....with the right coloured thread, hopefully!!!

    1. Thanks Marny ... the shadows are the one thing I really like about doing a lace piece ... the lights were throwing many shadows.
      Have the right thread now ... full steam ahead tomorrow if the weather cooperates !

  3. I very much like your lace piece. your day looks fun. it's funny when you do something as a group that you wouldn't normally do you can have a breakthrough or just fun because you didn't try TOO hard x

    1. Thank you Clare ... and exactly, didn't work too hard and had fun ! Now I know a bit more about something I knew very little about ... you can teach old dogs new tricks !