Jun 11, 2013

This And That

Hi everyone !
Still enjoying my mini-vacation and have accomplished lots while here.
I needed to strengthen 'Winter's Lace' for a show tomorrow ... cut off a section and added width and length and more snowflake ... and forgot to take a pic. of the finished look !

....and I have quite a bit of my newest piece done ... have I named this yet ? Nope ! Help !!?

The original photo for this piece is at least 40 yrs old ! 
It was taken in Granite Saddle Campground, Killbear Provincial Park and because I have worked with it so many times, I should probably give it the title of Granite Saddle-Study #20~At Least !

Got a chance to practise on water-soluble with my new merino wool/silk/wire
... thinking bracelet...
The weather turned nasty last week ... rainy, cold and grey ! 
Lots of sunshine today and warm, warm, warm !
But everything is blooming in the gardens where I am house-sitting... iris, peony, lilacs ... and baby bunnies ! 

This little sweetheart was about 5 " long and was right at the back door indulging in some rock garden flox ... my grandson saw it a couple of days later and I saw it again Sunday evening ... so I am hoping it is safe in this backyard from marauding cats and coyotes.

There is, also a lame doe in the area who comes around to the side yard here and leaves her fawn while she conducts her business. She is a big doe and must have had a run-in with a car but can she ever fly on three legs when she needs to ! Haven't pictures of them yet. I am surrounded by Mother Nature !

Big day yesterday ...packed Threadworks 2013 Travelling Show in crates and send it on to it's first venue in it's 2 1/2 journey ... it was a long and exhausting day but I had the best help ... 3 lovely ladies from Toronto drove up to help ... one in her eighties !!! with more energy than I have ever, or hoped to, have. Thank you Mary, Tracey and Jennie ... and Maggie from Fergus ... couldn't have managed without you !!!

Some free days ahead to sew to my heart's content.

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