Jul 9, 2013

Does This Pic Catch Your Eye ?

I am water-logged !
So much rain ! So much humidity ! So much heat !
'Bout the only ones really enjoying this weather are the weeds !
Today I had enjoyed happy memories of a bright, snowy, cold day from last winter ! 
I must be mad !    Or more Canadian than I realized !
,,,,,ahhhh, I feel better already !
I still have not been able to work on my water-soluble project. It is safely tucked away from the nasty humidity and I am satisfying my need to sew making new seat covers for my son-in-law's, brother's camper, that he is renovating. Haven't done that kind of sewing in a very long time, but it works when you need a 'machine' fix.

It's been a very busy last few days starting with a 4 hr. volunteer-sit, Sunday, at the Harris Collective Gallery while Art-In-The-Yard went on outside at The Elora Centre For The Arts. A goodly battle for attention ensued between the artists and Mother Nature. If there wasn't a drenching, 10 minute downpour - there was a sweltering blast of sun ... and no one was dry, either way !
I, and my grandaughter, were pleasantly comfortable inside sitting in the oscillating fan's path.
She read and I attempted to put some more
character to a quick sketch I had done last week 
wet, wetter and more wetter ;)

you can see the wet ... but visitors didn't seem to mind ... or
they enjoyed the wetness as being cooled off

between downpours, the air was soggy

That same day, my lovely, 82yr. old aunt and uncle (in the company of their 2 sons) came from Virginia, USA (a road trip) to Canada to visit Canadian nieces and nephews ... she says, ' probably for the last time'! I can only hope to have her stamina when I'm 82 ! 
Yesterday they came for a light lunch at my house, met the gr., and gr.gr. nieces and nephews on my side and then we (hubby & I) were invited out for dinner with them ... again, between downpours. 
We took them to Canada's equivalent to Dunkin' Donuts - Tim Horton's, after dinner and more talk. Not enough 'catching up can be accomplished in a day :(
It was really so nice to meet these cousins again as grown men ... how intelligent (between them, their father and their paternal uncle, they are all PhD'ers), friendly and open, they were. Can I say 'lovely' again ?

And today ... well, wet, rainy, wetter but ever so slightly cooler ... maybe sleeping will be better tonight ... and maybe I won't be woken by thunderstorms. I read once that Ontario has the most thunderstorms of all the provinces.

Oh ... almost forgot ... I have 2 pages left of my tiny journal to fill in ! Thank goodness it sits right here or I would have forgotten to make entries ... not difficult and actually, I find that I mention stuff that I would otherwise have forgotten tomorrow ... so a very good exercise for this old brain !

Stay dry out there !


  1. I've heard that some parts of Canada don't get thunder storms. ??? I can't imagine not experiencing rumbles, cracks and shrieks! lol think weather watching/commenting is our favourite sport! ;) ;)


    1. Wow, no thunderstorms ???
      We had a doozie here today at wish ... downed trees, 1/2" hail ... lasted all of 10 min. ! Yup ... we do love to talk about our weather ! ;)

  2. At last, the weather here in the UK and mainland Europe has decided it's summer and we're sweltering (27 C is sweltering for us). Thunderstorms are forecast for the weekend so we may be about to join you in torrential rain and more drama.
    Stay dry indeed!

    1. Hi CS ... 27 C is more than hot enough for me, too ... I don't function well ;)

  3. It's 32 with the humidex here - I'm hiding inside! LOVE your sparkly now & shadows. I do love all seasons... Sorry about the humidity affecting your ability to make art (air wet enough to wreck solubles?) Wow. That's wet.

    Thanks for the icy reminder - cooled me off just thinking about it : )
    in Saskatoon

    1. Hi Monika
      32 C is way too hot for my liking ... I'd be hiding somewhere, too ! After the thunder-boomer we just had, the temp has dropped to 22C ... wonderful now ... but the sky is still loaded with clouds.
      Glad you liked the reminder !