Jul 26, 2013

Finally Free !

Hi there ! 
Well the temperatures are much cooler ... downright freezing some nights but darned good for sleeping ! ... and the humidity has gone.
My water-soluble piece is now ... 'Out Of Hiding' !!! 
I must start thinking of a name for it ! 
Just a few small areas to fill in of the main painting. 
Now have to decide how to finish or what to put in my border.
I might make the border a bit larger than the 1 1/2" I had previously thought. 
I find that taking a photo and then looking at it on my computer screen helps immensely, to see things I might have missed otherwise.

To occupy my mind the other day I took up a book that has been sitting on my desk for a couple of weeks ... 'from image to stitch' by Maggie Grey ... and was inspired to play ...

... a piece of iron-on interfacing on crumpled brown paper glued to ordinary printer paper and one of my Lake Huron sunsets printed in black ... I will remove the paper and put the 'piece' onto something else (water colour paper, fabric, whatever ?) and see what happens when I add hand and machine stitch to this ! Love how the interfacing and brown paper took the ink.

Back to the rain ... a week ago, after visiting hubby in hospital, I got caught in another violent storm that took down a lot of trees in our city ... the rain so blinding that I couldn't see where to pull over and my truck felt like a giant was shaking it ! 
I managed to crawled along 'til I was on someone's bumper and followed him into a parking lot where we waited out the storm ... maybe all of 10 minutes but what a lot of damage.
Hubby has walking pneumonia and is now on the mend at home. 
Boy, I had almost forgotten what it's like when a grown man gets sick ... if a tree falls in the forest .... ?


  1. LOL, it is funny how grown men change when illness hits them.
    Your Pine piece is quite lovely. I hope you come up with something for the border. Perhaps something that looks like tree bark or cut wood where the grain shows?

  2. Thank you Dolores !'
    I have given it much thought and have drawn many scenario's ... but have started to extend the painting out into the borders. The main piece will be given a 1/8 zig-zagged border as will the outer edge of the whole. There were many 'cute' ways to finish this (I really wanted to incorporate rocks at the bottom) but I want this piece to be more serious. But thank you so much for your suggestion ... another piece, another time !

  3. Very creative. These are gonna be great! Sick hubbies. Getting them to admit they are walking pneumonia is an whole 'nother story! ;) ;)

    1. Isn't that the truth ... practically had to hog-tie him to get him to hospital ... but once down, hard to get back up.
      Had him out and about yesterday (I drove) and he seemed to come back a bit. He's got a little break from work, thank goodness.

  4. Your blog is my current favorite. I love everything you make. You should blog more often. : ))) It gets hard for me to wait between posts. : ) Beautiful beautiful beautiful
    Glad you survived the storms.


    1. You are so sweet !
      I keep a close eye on your blog and see something there today that we might make a swap ! Will contact you !

      I haven't a whole lot to say ... and you would get tired of me if I blogged more often ... trust me ;)
      Thank you so much for your compliments.

  5. I'm finding myself doodling a continuation of central panel in the first piece of work. Maybe just a stitched line drawing playing off positive and negative shapes...interesting to see what you finally decide to do with it.
    I love that second piece of work, still working out how you did it must get that book to add to the repetoire.
    Hope hubby is well on the mend.

    1. I have already begun the border design ... just going continuing the scene but will still add the border within the border. Just felt doing anything else would be a lot more work or might wreck the whole thing.
      Thanks so much for the suggestions tho'...I really appreciate your input, Pam.
      Will start posting 2nd piece a little later.