Jul 3, 2013

Participation ... It's Time !

When I first began blogging I was so excited about the wonderful groups and artists/people out there and joined a lot !
I try very hard to read individual blogs and to try to take a few minutes to comment on someone's latest piece of art or musing, photos or rants ... it's fun, I love it !

I read the groups often but never seem to have the time participate in any of the monthly challenges.

So lately I have decided to try harder ... starting with ...

At Real Life Journals , a blog by Gwen Diehn, I vowed last week that I would try harder to 'journal'. 

For now, just to write each day in a very small accordion book  (scrap brown paper from pattern making trailer seat cushions) something about my day, for 16 days ... hoping to get in the habit of picking up a pen everyday and to eventually draw every day. 
I surprised myself and have added a few small, itty-bitty drawings to my words already ... might not take 16 days to actually accomplish drawings everyday ;)
Honestly, I would be happy with one drawing every week !

Over at Artists In Blogland Jessica has posted; 

'Color This Quote - July Challenge!'
The quote being;
Secret Garden
"The sun is shining ... that is the Magic.
The flowers are growing ... the roots are stirring.
That is the Magic.
Being alive is the Magic ... being strong is the Magic.
The Magic is in me ... the Magic is in me.
It's in every one of us.                    by Frances Hodgeson Burnett

Although it intrigues me, I am still stumped as to how I will work it out in colour ... quite the challenge.

We are allowed to use all the quote or just some of it. 
The few words ... 'The Magic Is In Me" ... resounds in me ... maybe it is time to do 'something' and become an active participant in this group !

Then there is And Then We Set It On Fire !  Bubble Printing ! I had never tried this (my kids have !, in school !) ... and am anxious to try it ... for some fun and if it turns out the way I would like, ' hurray' !

But, of course, I would have to find the extra time to play/participate ! I have 2 cups and hope to start later today !

oops ... almost forgot The Sketchbook Challenge
July's theme is; "Into the Woods!" ... and it has a beautiful wall hanging, for inspiration, called 'Campfire, 2012' by Terry Grant. WHat is astounding is that this piece of art is so similar to one I did so many years ago ! I am going to search my photo files for a pic of my own 'Campfire'.

So much to do, so little time !
I am going to try to do something from these inspiring blogs !

Yesterday, my 2nd. granddaughter kept me company as I arrived for my scheduled 'demonstration' at the Guelph Civic Museum ... thank goodness she was with me as it would have been pretty quiet in there with just the whirr of my machine for company ... it was the day after CANADA DAY and people were just not into going to the museum after the holiday. 
It was nice. tho', to sit in there amongst the lovely work in 'Higher Ground' by Connections Fibre Artists ... inspiring ... and I actually was able too get some more thread onto this piece after a week of humidity (see previous post).

This lovely young lady marches to her own drummer and was wearing a pair of shorts she had painted the day before :)


  1. I am glad you are doing a challenge. I always find it a challenge to do them (pun intended). I start and then I never finish........you have inspired me.

    1. Hey that's great Roberta ! ... we can encourage each other !

  2. Good for you, Sharron, for taking on the challenge(s). (I always get overwhelmed and implode!) It'll be fun to follow along and see what you do (I can handle THAT much!!) And to spend time with your grand daughter...precious moments. Wonderful!

    1. Hi Marny ... it's a bit of a scary thing and I, too, am usually so overwhelmed (good word) as well by the energy of artists, that reading is all I can do ... but it is time to 'play' a bit. The bubble printing isn't working for me so some more reading/experimenting is required.
      Gk #2 is a great kid and actually likes to go with Grandma whenever I'm doing demo's or gallery sitting ... sitting tomorrow, actually !

  3. The artworks in Museum look amazing, and it was nice to see your piece with the machine. It's always hard to get an idea of the size of things when it's just a pic, but I see the one you're working on is quite large. Looks good! Does your granddaughter sew too?

    1. Thanks Sue ! This new piece will have at least a 2" border on it as well ... so quite large for me.

      She does sew ! ... and is always devising something for her wardrobe ,,, loves taking an old blouse and making a skirt ... makes her own bow-ties, .... small things like that, and she runs a sewing machine very well. She will broaden those skills in the next few years ... mostly all that she has done is by word of mouth (mine), she figures it out and does it on her own.

  4. I do so know what you mean about challenges - I intend every month to start doing the sketchbook challenge as I work in mine a lot - but I never seem to find the time to get myself sorted. This month's theme sounds particularly inviting - I must take a grip and post!
    do the photo challenge Roy G Biv (see my blog for the latest - the colour blue) which is fun and makes me look at the colour around me in a different way every month but I'm not sure whether that will continue when the current round is finished. I may then be searching for something new to do - so many thanks for the ideas.

    Having an arty, stitch-minded granddaughter must be a joy. My two little ones are too young - though the oldest (aged 3) loves crafting, so hope there, perhaps. Like her mother, she will no doubt do her own thing!

  5. Thanks CS for this note ... I am pleased to see that I am not the only one wishing to be a part of a bigger group but lacking drive ;)
    I have yet to do anything but try the bubble printing ;) ... dismal prospect of anything positive as I am trying to get those lovely bubbles on fabric. Think I will try a touch of ink instead of paint ... I seem to recall something from my watercolour beginnings re: ink & soap ! ?

    I have 3 daughters ... only one of them shows an interest in sewing and has made a few bags ... and all of them (+ son) claim not to be able to draw a straight line ! 3 of my grands show artistic leanings : } yay !!

  6. Hi, Sharron. This is an interesting post and I like the idea of your accordion journal. I think one of the problems with challenges is that they make you feel guilty (as several of the comments suggest). I've pretty much decided that I won't be doing any challenges and one of these days I'm going to write a rant about it in my blog. Nothing like being a stick-in-the-mud!
    best, nadia
    PS. Cute grand-daughter!

  7. I Nadia ... you are so right ... guilt !!
    I am already feeling it as life gets in my way and I just find it very hard to focus on JUST ONE of all the other things I do !!
    Well the month isn't over ... I may yet achieve something ;)
    ps. I am looking forward to your rant ... would love to read it ! ... might shake me out of this !