Jul 29, 2013

Some Of This, A Bit Of That ... And, Oh Yes, That, Too!

I'm not a great 'player' when it comes to doing something just for the fun of it. 
But this new piece that I started 2 days ago has grabbed hold and I'm loving the 'play'. I am going to name it Lake Huron Sunset.
I have loved the original photo (mine) and wondered if I would ever get 'round to it'.

... so, a photo, printed in b&w onto a strip of fusible interfacing ironed onto a piece of crumpled brown paper ... then glued to a piece of printer paper ... print  ! ... then edges of brown paper artfully torn and  glued to another piece of crumpled brown paper, below ...

... trying to emphasize the glowing sun through the cedar tree with hand stitching ;)
some machine embroidery started in the grey sky with grey thread in a half-moon pattern (almost rising;))
... now fused to a square of muslin, and all pinned to a larger piece of canvas,
that will be stretched over a frame I already have on hand !

... finished size will be approx. 16"x20"


  1. Thanks for sharing Sharron, a great piece in the making!

    1. You are very welcome ... I can't not work on it and although it is moving fast, I am taking my time.

  2. What a lovely piece! I have to learn how to do a transfer at some point. Your stitching is wonderful as well.

  3. This is very intriguing and certainly lovely!

  4. A beautiful initial photo ... this looks most intriguing. I'll be fascinated to see where it leads.

  5. Thanks CS ... I can hardly wait to see the finished piece, too !