Nov 30, 2019

Twice In Two Days !!

Just had to show you what 3 purges prior to moving out of my old house and at least 3 more purges in the first 4 weeks of moving into my new home looks like;

The first photo ... lovely big closet just for me and my most precious 'stuff' !
A large plastic tower of drawers (right) and a stack of bins (centre) holding threads, favourite experimental cloths, beads, found objects. acrylic paints, sketch books and tools.
The tower to the left is 1 of 2, in that corner, that store my xmas decorations.
The closet shelf holds my most essential books - watercolours 'cause when I'm grown I want to be a watercolour artist, photo albums and genealogy files.
I hope that in 6 months time it still looks organized !

In the second photo, some of my old favourites and some special drawings and paintings from 2 of my granddaughters that they did in high school. 
And a nice big table where computer work is done and my sewing machine 
stands patiently waiting.

I think I'm all set ! Now for the ideas to flow !!

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