Jan 2, 2020

A Busy End To 2019 !

Our 1st Christmas alone since 1972, just the 2 of us, in a new house, in a rural town, and surprisingly, very easy and very lovely. 

Our new town is now a conglomerate of 3 rural towns under one name ... Minto. 
Minto is a town in midwestern Ontario, Canada, on the Maitland River in Wellington County. It is named for Gilbert Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, 4th Earl of Minto; 8th Governor General of Canada. Population: 8,671 (as of 2016).

After opening gifts to each other, we headed to the other side of town (all of 2 minutes) to our son's house to share gift opening with his family of 5 and breakfast ... such a nice treat not to have to cook !!
Later in the afternoon we were off again, this time to our son's, in-laws house to have Christmas dinner with d-i-l's parents and her 2 brothers. Such a gracious couple, so willing to share Christmas dinner with us. Before and after dinner, games of euchre kept the chatter and sharing at a high.

The next morning, there was an awesome window of good traveling weather so we took advantage and headed out on a road trip across southwestern Ontario up towards the Near North, Ontario to visit 2 of our daughters there and their families ... so nice to see all 5 of the little grands, colds and all !
 On the drive there ... almost 5 hrs one way, I had time to mull over what on earth I was going to draw in my little 'The Sketchbook Project'. Several members of my fibre group are also participating !
The 5"x7" sketch book has 16 pages ... that's 32 pages to draw on, paint, stitch, you name it ! I had already decided that I wanted to do ink drawings in my little book, probably of winter trees because I love the look of a naked tree against a snowy background ... then, as interesting trees, enroute, were catching my eye, the camera came out. From the passenger seat I am able to get some very nice photos and once I'm drawing I can eliminate or improve any blurry areas ... I call these 'drive-by shootings'. I would really like to use this as my title of my sketch book ! Dare I ?  I'll make a more informed decision as my drawings progress. The drawings will now be of our road trip to North Bay, in the Near North, from Southwestern Ontario. The day was kind of dreary but I think I can improve on the mood as I draw. 'Road Trip' would also make a great title !
Looking towards the centre of the city from the 5th floor of our friend's condo.

New Years Day was spent back in our home town with a dear friend, his dau. & s-i-l ... great food, great wine, great friends !
It's already Jan2, 2020 ! I'd better get to work !
Hope you all had a very Happy New Year bash/get-together/dinner/family time ! 
And wishing you a very happy & creative brand new decade !


  1. That will be a beautiful sketchbook Sharron - your drawings are fabulous ...
    Have a great new year in your new home.

    1. Fil ... so nice to have you visit ... it's been a long time !
      Thank you for the compliment on my drawings.
      We will have a great time settling in to our new home & environs ... joining the local arts council next week !

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    1. Hi dear grandaughter ! thank you for visiting and for helping me finally (hopefully) get on the right path to receiving and giving comments ... you make a great 'tech' support !! See you soon ;)