Jan 9, 2020

A Creative 2020 To You All

I remember thinking not too long ago ... well, actually a LONG time ago ... that 2020 was a year that I probably wouldn't see !
Going back a little further than that, I remember hoping that I would never turn 30 ... 'cause all 30 yr. olds were very old ! ... I never wanted to be that old ! ;) Oh, if I could be 30 again !
Now here I am, on the cusp of my 72nd year, hoping like hell that I live to be at was at least 92 !! Twenty more years ... I think I'd like to be 92.
Right now I am afraid of leaving this earth, therefore I think I am not ready.  I think if I was ready, I wouldn't be afraid.
Besides, I want to see a few greatgrandbabies before I depart this world.
Selfish of me ?
I guess.

What phrase do you still remember your mother/father saying ... a lot ... that stuck ... and pops up more than you ever thought it would ?
My mother pronounced very often that 'hell is right here on earth' !
I catch myself thinking/saying this very thought way too often ! I think she may have been right.
Terrible things are happening right here on earth ... I don't think we need to go to hell to find worse ! Wild fires destroying a whole continent as well as many of it's unique animal species going extinct because of the all-consuming fires.
Planes crashing/exploding, killing hundreds of human beings on a regular basis.
Volcanoes and earthquakes killing thousands more.
Dictators killing millions of their own people for the sake of religion.
Countries firing missiles in a display of power, threatening many more millions of people.
Our oceans filling up with discarded plastics killing off so many more species.
Priveleged billionaires pushing countries to the edge of war for the all mighty dollar !
Woe is me.
Will my greatgrandbabies have a world to be born into ? ... will it be safe to live there ?

My genealogy research shows me that my mitochondrial DNA is 20,000 years old ... it has survived female to female all this time ... I'd hate to think that now, in a short time, it will probably be wiped out. Is this why it has survived 20,000 years ?? For naught ?? What on earth does the future hold ?
I digress.
I came to talk about being creative.

My creativity is fairly strong at present, which surprises me after many months of 'not doing', as setting up a new home had priority.
I am on the forefront of 32 ink drawings ... or maybe 16 ... or maybe a lot less !! ;) ... the sorting has begun. I photocopy my photos in B&W ... for ink, I don't need colour !

In the previous post I mentioned a road trip from my new home in southwestern Ontario to the Near North, Ontario. I took many 'drive-by' shootings of the round trip. 62 drive-by shootings to be exact.

Done ... decision made ... 15 ink drawings coming up. Wish me luck ... the deadline is August 2020.
The Sketchbook Project


  1. Lots of interesting thoughts here! I especially enjoyed those black and white photos and look forward to seeing what you make of them.
    And then of course there is the thought of your mitochondrial DNA being 20,000 years old (an amazing thought that) and the lingering question of what will happen in the lives of our children and grandchildren and their children. We live in a very unstable world full of concerns and conflict ...

    1. I'm in a better state of mind today ...I did go on, didn't I ? Thank you for reading, Margaret ;) Lots of questions for the future, but, we will carry on, as usual, won't we ? Art is my sanity ... I will immerse myself.

  2. I can't wait to see what you come up with in 2020! Mine is, apparently, a lot of embroidery and knitting so far. Could be worse. :)

    1. Hi Jazmin ! Your embroidery and your knitting are fabulous !
      If you are nearby/passing through Grimsby in April, our Opening at the Grimsby Art Gallery is on April 5, 2-4pm. The show is called 'OFF THE PAGE' and we will represent our favourite books in fibre. My favourite book is The Seven Daughters of Eve and my fibre piece inspired by this book is my threadpainted portrait of 'Ancient Ancestor'. See previous post 'Portraits ~ Machine Embroidery On Water-Soluble'. Hope to see you there !

    2. I'll write it on the calendar and try to stop by. Grimsby isn't /that/ far. :)