Jan 13, 2020

A Plain Brown Wrapper

It's small ... 5"x7" ... in a plain, brown wrapper ...the rules are simple ... creativity 'to the moon, Alice !
One of the members of my fibre art group, Connections Fibre Artists, found this little gem of an idea on the internet ... buy a little sketchbook for $30.00 and fill it with your own art, send it back by the middle of August and it would become a permanent entity in the Brooklyn Art Library.

"The Sketchbook Project is the world's largest library of artist's books, crowd-sourced from every corner of the globe.The project is changing the way creative people share their work while creating a worldwide community resource. By filling a sketchbook, you are joining te movement, adding your voice and becoming a part of something huge. Draw, write, collage, cut print, photograph - it starts with an idea. Fill up your book, send it back and join the collection. Create an account and connect your book at: sketchbookproject.com/register "

Because we were ordering 10 books, we got a discount on the cost ;)
A few words, that I have quoted above, got me hooked; share, adding your voice, become a part of something huge ... and , of course, connect !
Of course it doesn't hurt that MY sketcbbook will become part of a collection of 45,000 artists from 130 countries !! Holey Moley !
I'm in !

As per last post, the organizing of photos took a few trys.  !! I boiled down my choices from 62 photos to 15, which appropriately represents a trip through Southwestern Ontario to midway into Northern Ontario. Not an outstanding trip on a very dreary December day, but representing 4-5 hrs of constant driving from point A to point B, with only 2 pit stoops for a pee.
;) Unbeknownst to the viewers of said sketchbook, the end of our one-way drive resulted in a joyous 2 days with our very youngest grandchildren and 2 of our lovely daughters and sons-in-laws ;)

So, yesterday, I took it one step further (still reluctant to put ink to paper) and cropped my photocopies, folded them in half and placed each pic between the pages where they will be drawn. It's that 'blank page' syndrome that has me hesitant ... but only a matter of a few more times leafing through the book till I start to add a few pencil horizons/guidelines and I will begin !

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