Jan 31, 2020

You Can Never Have Enough Dots

'You can never have enough dots' was a phrase I first heard about 15 years ago when a fellow artist, Will-i-am, commented on a drawing that I was lamenting on as 'still finding spots for more dots' ! 
I met this artist n 1999 when I got my first computer and immediately found a group of artists to join up with. They were mainly American artists but quite a few were from other countries ... Sweden, South Africa, Holland and Canada, to name a few. We were compact and productive and encouraging ... eventually sharing , physically, our art with others in the group. But MSN shut down some of their groups (?) and we had to find another way to continue our connection ... another server, but as with everything else, we eventually died off. But I never forgot that phrase and think about it every time I pick up my pen to start my dots ;)
This is page 3-4 of my Sketchbook Project. It's very hard to take photos of white paper indoors ... but it's too cold to go outside !


  1. beautiful dots !!!
    (ohhhh, múst pick up drawing again when I see this !)

    1. I always feel the same way Els !
      After spending long periods of time with fibre work, it is a fantastic change to put ink to paper.
      Looking forward to seeing some ink from you.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Fil !
      I hope you can follow along with me as I attempt to do 13 more of these.
      I will ... I am determined !

  3. I love pointillism. Mine always got kind of slashy as my patience and motor control ran out :) Yours is wonderful!

    1. Thanks so much Arlee ... yes, so hard to keep impatience in control ! 15 of these is really going to test my mettle !!
      Having difficulty posting on you blog again ... but will keep trying ... think my old Mac is dying :(