Feb 4, 2020

Density Of Dots

Pages 5 & 6 of my Sketchbook Project off to a difficult start. 
At first glance it appears to be the simplest drawing yet but there are converging lines of several shades of grey to depict ... different densities of dots that will portray distance, depth and the existence of foggy, dreary weather. And quite a few skinny trees to depict as one of the darkest shades in the drawing. denser dots ... and amazing that I can still add a 'few more dots' ! But, I still have lots of room for more !

To add to my worries, I have put too much stress on my one remaining (original) hip joint. Several days spent swallowing extra-strength Tylenol ... on top of the 2 anti-inflammatories that I take daily to maintain a level of mobility. But I am better today and can sit at the computer, no problem. It is when I draw ... especially dots ... when I have to remove my bifocals, which aren't worth $*#* when working close-up, and get my nose almost to the paper in order to place dots accurately ! That extra bend of my body puts just too much stress on my already compromised 'good' hip. 
I won't quit !!!! I will just be smarter and limit my drawing time !

Just in case a few viewers don't know ... I am 72 yrs. old next month, have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 61 yrs., and have had hip, knees and knuckles replaced over the years. 
I dot on !


  1. And you dot beautifully! These are all absolutely wonderful! The use of dots gives them such a gorgeous, misty, wintery quality. I really don't know which I like best out of the three. Do you plan stitching from them or will they stand on their own? - They certainly deserve to.

  2. They will stand on their own ... while working on them I haven't felt the urge to stitch them no how, no way ;)
    #3 is completely done and I am starting #4 today.
    But stitching something is definitely on my mind ... have just bought some new threads to continue the skirt of 'The Wedding Dress Project '(may as well give it a title) !!
    And last summer I was working on some small threadpainted trees that I would love to do more of ... so, yup, stitchin' on my mind :)
    Photos to follow.