Feb 29, 2020

If There's Any Truth....

...to that old adage 'March Came In Like A Lion', then it did these last 3 days !
My poor truck is only close to being buried in this photo ... it got lots worse. 
Quite the storm for these 2 transplants to the snow belt !
Yesterday...Visibility very, very poor, 18'-25" of snow and blowing winds !
This morning ... the 2nd brush off of at least 10" ... my truck has a mohawk !

Anyway, spring has got to be just around the corner now ... I'm actually starting to think of planter boxes on the patio and window boxes in the front of the house.

Saw this quote a few weeks ago ... it fits right.

Embrace the process
Follow your gut instincts
Do what you feel compelled to do
That is your voice.
... Author Unknown

Looking back (almost 40 years ago), I remember seeing an artist showing his work at a mall in in my home town of Guelph Ontario, Canada. If I remember correctly, that artist was related to one of the great/famous Canadian Group Of Seven artists ... a grandson, of AJ Casson ? (but don't quote me.)
I bought a print of his ... a polar bear, all done in the pointillism style. I think artist and his print are at the root of this passion right now for dots ! I have put my print away somewhere safe (yup, some unpacking still to do)

Two more drawings completed, fifth started yesterday. I've discovered a way, with a camera filter (tho' still not satisfied), to make these show up better on the blog so am showing two of them again.
Drawing #1 ... lovely scenery and lots of trees on a dark, dreary, very misty December day,
Drawing #2 was kind of fun ... even has a house in there !

Drawing #3 ... for all the simplicity, this was the hardest one so far ... trying to create distance and a misty, dark day was challenging

Drawing #4 .. lots of dense area dots

The start of drawing #5 ... finally getting a routine !
This drawing has a big old elm right in the middle !


  1. Draswing #4 is as lovely as ever. The dense areas of dots are most effective - despite the time they no doubt took! I look forward to #5 ...

  2. Believe me when I say that I love doing dots ... but time wise, its pretty consuming !
    I can only do about 2 sq. inches per sitting when the dots are dense.
    I have finally figured out that if I do the dense shadow of the photo/drawing first, then the ending of the piece is easier ...density done ! ;) Thanks Margaret.