Mar 13, 2020

Drawing # 5

Embrace the process
Follow your gut instincts
Do what you feel compelled to do
That is your voice.
... Author Unknown

I have learned something about these drawings !!!
I realized that towards the end of each drawing I didn't have much patience with the final steps ... that being the dense dots signifying the shadow around the edge of the 'photograph', and it became a chore.
So, after I got drawing # 5 laid out and the borders drawn, I decided to do the dense shadowing first !! Duh !! ... so much easier to finish the drawing knowing that that tedious shadow part was already done ;) Took me long enough !
The drawing itself was a dream and I hope you enjoy it.

'Embrace the process /Follow your gut instincts/Do what you feel compelled to do/That is your voice.'  ... Author Unknown.

Anyway, trees have played majorly in my heart and art over the years.

Love this tree !! ... by photographer Tony Saxon for the Guelph Today online newspaper ... last week.  Stunningly, simplicity beautiful.

Just a very small drawing done years ago

Very proud of this fibre/paper/tread piece ... won an award !!! Sold

Another very small drawing done years ago ... inspired by Georgian Bay

Trees in winter ... that's my thing ! Sol

Just thread ! Larger threadpainting on water-soluble ... 

Just love trees and black ink on white !

A Christmas Card ... felt strange at first to send out
B&W Christmas cards ... but I'm over that !

Another Christmas Card

Threadpainting ... an award winner ... sold

My funnest Christmas card ... got the zentangle bug that year !
On each card I painted a red star hanging from the tree top

My fascination with trees and ink just keeps me out of trouble ;)
Then there's this little guy  ... not mine, but has inspired thousands of artists over the years. It is a lone tree growing out of the granite of the Canadian Shield, Georgian Bay, Ontario.
It inspired the award winner above.
Think I'd like it as a tattoo !! Tree + ink ! 😀😀


  1. This post just proves you draw beautifully in whatever medium you choose to use. It's a lovely look through your tree archive and a chance to revisit many I've enjoyed before. That said, your latest series is quite lovely ... and #5 is just beautiful. What a treat!

  2. Thank you so much Margaret ! Drawing #5 was a joy, as I have said But I am having second thoughts as to why ? I am doing this book. Many friends are shaking their heads over why I would go to all this trouble just to give it away ? Something that I am going to seriously re-consider before I start #6. Maybe the basis of my next post after some thoughtful research ;)

  3. Just a thought, near here in the UK, there is an artist called Sarah Woolfenden who draws trees in great detail for a living. She sells some of the originals as art works but she gets many printed at high quality for sale in appropriate card shops. Her drawings, like yours are beautiful and sell really well in our local art centre. You can see her work here

  4. OMG .. she is so good !!
    I feel a little embarrassed after parading my simple trees out there !
    I am insoired tho' to do better in the future ;)
    Thank you !

  5. So many dots, I can almost feel your frustration during the endless dense areas. The results are fabulous, nuanced and subtle. What a wonderful book the 15 will make!