Apr 18, 2020

What's Your Go-To Colour ?

Not BLUE  !
Love the colour but rarely wear it and rarely sew with it.
When this colour was decided on as 'our' next project, I was stymied for a few moments, days, weeks ! Finally I checked out my stash of threads, yes, have a few spools, some never even used !
My current work features B&W portraits. I supposed that I could do a 'blue' portrait. Maybe Old Blue Eyes himself ? Me ? in my blue phase ? ...lol 
BUT, I don't have enough of the right shades of blue and no large spools of the same 4 shades that I would need to do a decent portrait. 
Oh wait ! I can't shop for thread during this isolation the whole world is in. 
I could order online but, sorry, I need to see with my own eyes, and in daylight, the shades of blue that I would be happy working with.
Dilema, dilema !
Of course whatever I do, it will be on water-soluble (have lots ;)).  
But what will be my subject matter ?
I don't want to choose one specific thing that is blue ... I want to use up every spool of blue in this photo !
OK, I said to self ...pick a symbol, a doodle that you like. I love circles, and ovals. Now I can meander all over my water-soluble with large circles/ovals/in all shades of blue from very pale > turquoise > navy !
Just keep sewing, Sharron, 'til the thread runs out.

Sketch book drawing # 7 is well under way ... 9 more to go :0, !! yikes !


  1. Digging out threads for the blackwork sampler, I have so many pinks and purples.. not my usual colours at all!

  2. Hard isn't it ... since I posted this, I've been all over the place as to what to do ! Brain is slowly switching back to a portrait ... I'm not good at the 'intuitive' thing ;)
    Nice to hear from you !!