Apr 10, 2020

Who Knew This Was To Be Our Spring ???

Here I am in all my Pandemic glory ... still in my nightgown, hair dishevelled and needing a trim ... and I'm making masks for family members that I will have to mail !
So many things have changed for me, mine and the planets population !
But, the stats are starting to come in as to the improved health of the planet ... hate to say it, but, yea pandemic ! 
A healthier planet I am grateful for ... just hope that the rest of the world sees the changes and grows/learns with them.

Leading up to my recent move to a small rural town, I was also preparing mentally for the near retirement of my hubby ... never did I imagine living with a retired husband through a pandemic and total isolation with just him as company ... talk about learning curves !!
Covid19, Isolation from all that was life as we knew it, Isolation with a newly retired husband, Mask making, Ordering groceries online, Ordering ANYTHING online !, wow ... lots of new learning for this old girl !

Hope you are all well, safe and cosy in your dens !
See you on the other side !


  1. Hope you will be coping with all the changes Sharron !
    Life comes in big waves and right now it's a bit like the one Hokusai made ... !
    Stay safe

  2. Hi Els ... yes, I am coping quite well, actually enjoying the peace and quiet. Thank you for asking. But, the downside, I am starting to feel quite lazy ! ;)
    Life in the spring of 2020 is a giant tsunami !!
    Be safe out there !

    1. Familiar feeling : the laziness ... nothing seemed to be working ...
      Though just now I found I had to make something (stitched) for a dear friend who is terminally ill. (now I feel I have to hurry)

    2. I have always found that going to my sewing machine (The Virgin), to make/mend something, stirs my heart ... she is a best friend and I miss her so much ! Then the creativity begins ;)

  3. Your mask is very fetching! The craze for covering mouth and nose hasn't hit the UK so far - but it may yet. Opinion on the subject seems to be divided!

    I sympathise with you over retirement. It needs to be learnt! We've had 12 years of it and have worked out how to give one another space and to ignore (largely) those irritations we never noticed before. But 24 hours a day with almost no break at all from one another's company is a whole new place. Those walks we're allowed for exercise I take on my own and find myself enjoying them with a new sort of pleasure, especially when the sun shines - they're saving my sanity!
    Stay safe and healthy.

  4. The wearing of masks has finally been allowed by the powers that be.
    A mask simply contains (to some extent) your own germs from spreading to others AND acts as a barrier to anything in the air you breathe in. So, something is better than nothing ;)
    As I cannot obtain the proper fabrics that would make the best mask, I made mine out of sheets which are, at the very least, 300count weave. 2 layers adds a certain degree of protection ... dastardly to machine stitch through !!! I've made more and am mailing to family.
    I am finding that when I go to my 'studio' and shut the door, hubby respects my art enough to leave me un-bothered ;) and I turn up my virgin radio station and enjoy my alone time for a few hours ... so we're working it out ! The only difficult time is when we need to eat ... I hate any minute wasted in the kitchen and he's just old-fashioned enough to think that this is MY job !!! I make good coffee and he's taken up making bread (by hand and machine), so we're doing fairly well :)))))) He's realizing that we won't starve and that it doesn't hurt to participate.
    Enjoy your walks and breathe in all that un-polluted air !