Jun 14, 2020

How're Doing ?

Isn't this a weird new world ?
Face masks, social distancing and the use of more hand sanitizers than you would have ever dreamed of !
How are you coping ? What strategies are working for you ?
Is your art suffering or flourishing ?
Are you beyond missing family and friends ?
So many new things and it doesn't look like it will be over anytime soon. And you know what ?
I'm not too upset by it all. I am used to time alone, house-sitting for weeks/months by myself in the past and perfectly capable of handling the 'alone' time very well, thank you very much ;) And I am just fine with hubby being here all the time now. He is a dear, tho' 'cause at least once a week he takes off in his truck for long drives to smoke his stinky cigars and leaves me to enjoy being alone for an afternoon, a day. I'll get the housework done, the laundry and even some art accomplished. Good work.

I have just finished pointillism drawing #9. These small art projects have taken their toll tho' !! I am taking some time off (6 more drawings to do) while I concentrate on my eyes and my hip. My eyes have taken a turn for the worse ... think I might have cataracts, everything is blurry and some double vision happening ... worried to the point that I have stopped driving my Land Rover ... just for the time being, until I see my Dr.  The other 'hurt' is my hip/deep buttock pain which seems to be only relieved by bending at the waist for a minute, squat, then rise. Then no pain at all until it happens again with a wrong move or getting up from sitting. This, I think, I can attribute to my method of drawing, my back straight but bent over my hip at an angle that gets my eyes closer to my work. My work on my ironing board, raised to a level that supports my arms comfortably. Ahhh, the things we won't do for our art !
So, tomorrow I am contacting a physiotherapist locally and bumping up my eye appt. from July 27th, hopefully.
This drawing took me a little over a month to do ... that's not every day nor hours/day ... just me at my own speed, whenever I could get a few minutes in...never more than a 30 minutes as eyes wouldn't let me. I do not understand why I challenged myself to do this but I am glad I did and will be just as glad when I am done because it has inspired me to go bigger next time, maybe with black paint instead of ink ... but probably NOT dots !

Anxious to get some thread painting on the go ... 3 shows to get ready for in the uncertain future !

I hope you are all well and safe from Covid-19!

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  1. Ahhh Sharron, so sorry to hear you have all these physical problems.
    I DO think you "stretched" yourself with these AMAZING pointillist drawings !!! I don't know how you do it ... (well ... point by point by point no doubt, but you know what I mean I guess !!!)
    I hope that all works out well with the eye-doctor and your back ! All the best