Jul 6, 2020

On My Mind

'It's a struggle ... my enthusiasm for working at my art is foremost on my mind theses days. I just don't seem to have the drive !'

This was a sentence that I wrote a couple of weeks ago but was too discouraged to continue, not wanting to whine ! 
I had a list of things that were on my mind ! Probably a good thing that I didn't continue that particular day ;)
Anyway, this sentence was still sitting here waiting for my return ! 
And, today, I am in a much better frame of mind and I am very excited to show you what/where I am going with my next project. It always feels so much better when one can get on with one's work !
This is my new canvas that I have had printed with 250 names. 
I typed out all the names in a font that looked appropriately 'old', sent to the shop and a week later have my background for a machine embroidered 'hair wreath'. The canvas is 30" x 26", landscape, with enough room on all sides to wrap around a frame after I have applied the 'wreath'
These 250 names belong to people who were buried in a little cemetery on the grounds of a The Wellington County Museum & Archives.

"The Wellington County Museum and Archives is a National Historic Site. It is located in a building that stands as the oldest remaining rural House of Industry in Canada. It was built in 1877 as a "Poor House" or place of refuge for the poor, homeless, and destitute people in Wellington County. It operated as a Poor House and Industrial Farm until 1947 when it became a County Home for the Aged. In 1974 it was transformed into the Wellington County Museum and Archives. A new Archives wing opened in 2010." 

250 residents died over the years ... not a single person to come and retrieve the body and bury it. Heart-breaking.

Hair Wreaths were a Victorian form of mourning the dead that went out of practise by the 1920's ... and museums are the keepers of most of them.
When the staff of this museum chose some artefacts that they would like to showcase alongside the fibre art of Connections Fibre Artists, a hair wreath caught my eye.

My initial attempts to create the look but use fibres instead of human hair 
... the original wreaths were made with locks of hair from departed loved ones.


  1. Glad you found the right mood again Sharron !
    Oh my this hair wreath is very special ! (a no-go with all the short hair nowadays !)
    Can't wait to see what it will be when you finished the stitching (on the water soluble) !

  2. I am glad for your enthusiasm...you are very supportive.
    The heat got the better of me today, very little accomplished, sadly.

  3. Seem to be having trouble with my name again !