Jul 20, 2020

Remembering The Dearly Departed

In the late 1800's, and until about 1920, many families sniped a lock (or a few) from their beloved deceased family members head to incorporate with silk threads/yarns into a 'Hair Wreath'.

Some people today might think this was a morbid practise, but considering the times, it was a sweet, commemorative way to remember one's dearly departed.... they didn't have much in the way of photos and these wreaths became family heirlooms.
It took a lot of hair and in those times women, in particular, had very long hair and some had time on their hands to indulge in this form of needlework !
SO, my hair wreath is off the ground and running ... hurray ! 
I have opted for some very simple flower/leaf shapes and I am doing simple free-motion machine embroidery to do it.  Nothing complicated or involved as I am more interested in having the names on the canvas be as visible as possible once I lay/attach the wreath on the canvas.
small paper sketch

It'll take a few more hoops of these flowers to build the wreath ... but, it's great fun .... and I'm back at doing what I love ... free-motion machine embroidery ;)

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