Sharron Deacon Begg  
Curriculum Vitae                        

Over 30 years of courses/workshops/teaching in the fibre arts ... some unfinished OCAD

Connections Fibre Artists Shows:
2020 - 'Re:Fashion', The Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre, Southhampton, ON
2019 - 'Re:Fashion, Wellington County Museum & Archives, Fergus, ON.
2017 - 'Artefacts', Wellington County Museum & Archives, Fergus, ON.
2016 - 'Fibre Content', Art Gallery of Burlington, Burlington, ON
2016 - 'Celebrate The Seven', Homer Watson House & Gallery
2015 - '18 SQUARE', Mississauga Heritage Art Centre, Mississauga, ON
2014 - 'Celebrate The Seven', JCHAC, Oakville, ON
2014 - 'Celebrate The Seven', Wellington County Museum & Archives, Fergus, ON.
2013 - 'Higher Ground', Guelph Civic Museum, Guelph, ON, Canada
2012 - ‘Fibrations’, Burlington performing Arts Centre, Burlington, ON
2011 - ‘Pentimento’,Salmon Arm Art Gallery, BC
2011 - ‘Wish’, Joshua Creek Arts Centre, Oakville, ON
2010 - ‘Naked’, Joshua Creek Arts Centre, Oakville, ON
2010 - ‘Naked’, Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, ON
2010 - ‘Hanging by a Thread’, JCAC, Oakville, ON
2009 - ‘Connections Fibre Artists’,Leonard. E. Shore Library Gallery, Thornbury, ON
2009 - ‘Hippie Connections Revisited’, Joshua Creek Arts Centre, Oakville, ON
2009 - ‘Hanging by a Thread’, Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, Almonte, ON
2008 - ‘Connections Fibre Artists’, L.E. Shore Library Gallery, Thornbury, ON
2007 - ‘Hippie Connections’, Gallery Lambton, Sarnia, ON
2006 - ‘Tete-a-tete’, Wellington County Museum & Archives, Fergus, ON
2006 - ‘Capital Matters’, Ottawa, ON 
2006 - ‘Connections Fibre Artists’, Greenwood Quiltery, Guelph, ON 
2006 - ‘Connections In Guelph’, Guelph Civic Museum, Guelph, ON 
2005 - ‘Connections @ Homer Watson’, Homer Watson Gallery, Kitchener, ON
2005 - ‘Sentimental Journey’, The Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, ON 
2004 - ‘The Carlyle Connections’, Woodstock Art Gallery, Woodstock, ON 
2003 - ‘Connections Work’, The Barber Gallery, Guelph, ON 
2002 - ‘Fairies, Myths and Monsters’, The Grimsby Art Gallery, Grimsby, ON 
2002 - ‘Inner Visions’, Quilt Canada, The Butterdome, Edmonton, AB 
2002 - ‘Undercurrents’, The Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, ON, 
2001 - ‘Something Old, Something New’, WCM&A, Fergus, ON 
2000 - ‘Mother Earth’, WCM&A, Fergus, ON 
2000 - ‘Threads of Strength’, Castle Kilbride, Baden, ON 
2000 - ‘We’ve Been Framed’, Arkell School House Gallery, Arkell, ON
2000 - ‘Fire’, the Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, ON  
1999 - ‘Apron Strings–The Tie That Binds’, WCM&A, Fergus, ON 
1996 - ‘Connections Show’, Wyndam Arts Center, Guelph, ON, 
1996 - ‘Tea for Two’ - WCM&A, Fergus, ON
Sharron Deacon Begg
Selected & Solo Shows, Publications and Awards
2014 - Jurors Choice Award, 'Fibre Content', Art Gallery of Burlington, Burlington, ON 
2013 - 'Fibrations', Burlington, ON
2011 - Guest Artist ~ Quilt & Fibre Art Festival, The Silo’s, St.Jacobs
2010 - Machine Embroidery Award & Viewer’s Choice Award ~Threadworks 2010 ‘Trees’   
2008 - Featured Artist ~ Guelph Life Magazine 
2008 - Solo Show ~ ‘Fabric, Paint & Thread’, Homer Watson Gallery, Kitchener, ON  
2007 - People’s Choice Award ~ ‘Celebrate Modern Agriculture’,AgriCentre, Guelph, ON 
2003 - Guest Artist ~ ‘Painting on the Green’, Delhi Recreation Center, Guelph, ON
2001 - Featured Artist ~ The KW Record, Kitchener/Waterloo, ON 
2001 - Most Innovative Use of Thread ~ ‘Games Needles Play’, Museum London, ON 
2001 - C.E.G, Guelph Award ~ ‘Insights’, - WCM&A, Fergus, ON 
2000 - Jane Baldwin Memorial Award ~ ‘Insights’, - WCM&A, Fergus, ON
1991 - Machine Embroidery Award ~ ‘Fibre Fireworks’, Museum London, London, ON
1970 - Co-Illustrator~'Environmental Change:Focus on Ontario’, Univ. of Guelph, ON 

Sharron Deacon Begg
Sharron is the 6th generation of Irish/Scottish pioneers who came to Canada in the mid-1800’s starting their new life in Canada with nothing but the clothes on their backs. 
Their strength and spirit guide her. She is proud to be a descendant of women who made clothing by hand, who made quilts from used articles of clothing, women who created luxuries when little was to be had. With art already a big part of her pre-school life, hand embroidery and the use of a sewing machine were major elements added and taught by her mother and maternal grandmother by the age of 9. 
Unfortunately at the age of eleven, she was struck with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and painful hands put hand embroidery on hold. Her parents, however, continued to encourage her other love of drawing and painting whenever she was able to do so. While taking high school art classes she received several oil painting commissions. 
During her brief working career Sharron co-illustrated a text book for the University of Guelph in 1970.
Working mostly from her own photographs she now combines her love of art and sewing in her threadpaintings. 
She also dabbles in water colours and pen & ink.
Sharron’s latest focus is to portray the beauty of rural Ontario.

Sharron Deacon Begg
Artist Statement                                                                                     
There is a certain satisfaction I get from the very close relationship between myself and my ancient, but beloved, sewing machine, my own hand-painted fabrics, varied threads and the feel of the resulting canvas when a threadpainting is completed. 
Creating art has always given me a great sense of satisfaction, but my ultimate goal is to have the spirit of my subject recognized and enjoyed by the viewer.
My images usually have an interesting story, or offer a challenge for me as an artist; the beauty of every season, the sparkle of sun on water, the awe of a jack pine leaning with the wind, the play of light and shadow, and the intricacies of the human face ~ all intrigue and challenge me.

Sharron Deacon Begg
Connections Fibre Artists ~ since 1999 
Threadworks  ~  1987 - 2016
Harris Artists Collective (HAC) ~ 2012-2014