Tangled Rose  - 18"x18"

The Red Sapling - Sold - 13"x19"

Tangled Garden- Study  -  Sold - 12"x 18"

Winter Stream - 1st Place Fibre Category - 20"x38"

Autumn - Sold - 6"x12"
Lake Huron Sunset - Sold - 'Curator's Award'
Winter's Lace
Granite Saddle-Study
Through The Reeds

Winter In Arthur Township - Sold

Sisters  ~ Sold
Field Corn II  ~  Sold
The More Things Change, The More Things Stay The Same
Race You To The Water !
Georgian Bay Pine  ~  Sold
A River Runs Through It - Sold
Evening Shadows

The Red Sweater - NFS
Bunyon's Cove, NFLD - Sold
Sarah's Swing - NFS

Old Rose - Sold


  1. WOW! Beautiful - all of them. I love the little shoes :)

  2. Race You To The Water is the perfect title for that shoe picture :) Great art.

  3. I didn't see you there Willit … thank you !

  4. I am new to thread painting and love to do faces. I'd really love to follow your work and maybe learn a thing or two along the way, but, I don't see any email following to my inbox link on your blog. If you go to your dashboard and click on Layout, you can add a gadget and then pick follow by email. Thanks a lot and hope your wing recovery is heartily getting better!

    1. I guess I should visit my pages more often ! I have added my email to my blog ... thanks so much Caroline ! I would love to have you follow my blog ;)
      The wing is well ;)